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Equality Framework – Equality is Everyone’s Business

Decision status: Recommendations approved



The Director of Policy and Democratic Engagement submitted a report proposing a new draft Equality Framework for Sheffield City Council, to include the Council’s proposed ambitions relating to equality, diversity and inclusion for the next four years as we seek to fulfil the vision set out in the Council Plan of becoming an organisation that puts people at the heart of what we do. By taking the learning from the Race Equality Commission and elsewhere, this framework fundamentally repositions the organisation’s approach to equality, diversity and inclusion over the next four years.


At the heart of the Equality Framework are the proposed new statutory Equality Objectives for Sheffield City Council. These will sit alongside the outcomes agreed in the Council Plan to provide a clear focus to our work on EDI. The Equality Objectives are focused around our three core roles in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion, namely:


• City and community leadership: championing equality through knowledgeable and inspirational leadership, and building a fairer Sheffield by fostering good relationships, listening, and engaging with the city’s diverse communities and together becoming an anti-racist city


• Service provider: providing supportive, accessible and customer centred services which increasingly understand and meet the needs of all Sheffield’s communities.


• Employer: Further developing a culture where employees feel safe, valued and have a sense of belonging, where equality is everyone’s business, and by building a representative and highly skilled workforce which reflects the city’s diversity




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That Strategy and Resources Policy Committee:-




(a) endorses the draft Equality Framework;


(b) agrees the draft Equality Objectives as set out within the Framework, subject to public consultation;


(c) agrees to proceed with public consultation on the Equality Framework and Equality Objectives and bring to this committee a further report following that consultation;


(d) agrees that the further report will include detailed action plans for each Objective setting out how they will be achieved; and


(e) notes that in line with a recent Council motion, and the recent decisions taken by the Strategy and Resources Committee at its meeting on 13 December 2023, care experience (those who have at any part in their childhood been part of the care system) will be treated as an equality characteristic by the council in situations where protected characteristics are considered (including, but not limited to, equality impact assessments).



Reasons for Decision




It is recommended that Strategy and Resources Committee approve the equality framework as it will support the fundamental repositioning of the council’s equality, diversity and inclusion work in line with the ambitions of the council plan and our work to embed anti-racism within the organisation and the city. By agreeing the framework, the committee will also ensure that we meet our statutory obligation to publish a set of four-year equality objectives.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




The Council has previously agreed that it should pursue a specific approach to equality rather than one where equality is ‘mainstreamed’ within other activity. Because of the importance given to equality, diversity and inclusion within the draft City Goals and Council Plan this report does not recommend a change to that approach. Furthermore, there is a statutory requirement for the council to adopt a set of Equality Objectives, as proposed in this Framework. As such no alternative options have been considered.


Report author: James Henderson

Publication date: 03/01/2024

Date of decision: 21/12/2023

Decided at meeting: 21/12/2023 - Strategy and Resources Policy Committee

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