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Decision details

School Keep Clear Review - Dobcroft Infant and Junior School (Pingle Road)

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Transport and Development

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: Yes


Decision required on Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) Pingle Road (Dobcroft Infant Junior School).



(i) That the proposal is implemented as advertised in Appendix B of the report with the exception that restrictions in the turning head (Pingle Road) are implemented as the revised version contained in Appendix D of the report; and


(ii) contributors to the consultation to be informed accordingly.

Reasons for the decision:

The opportunity to make these types of improvements through a TRO process is propitious while the School Keep Clear review is being progressed.  However the project is in its last phases so It is unlikely that, in terms of provision of parking restrictions, Pingle Road would be a priority for the Authority’s scrutiny in the short or medium terms.  


The proposed single yellow line restriction covers two residences and is 35 metres in length.  Both these residences have access to off street parking.  Inconvenience, as a consequence of implementation of the proposal, has been expressed.   However, taking all factors into account, the benefits of having the turning head available for the purpose it is intended is viewed as being generally beneficial.  The restrictions shown in Appendix D of the report will allow loading/unloading for the Western property at the end of the cul de sac.  The frontage of this property  would be completely covered by the proposed restrictions.


As stated in the report the proposal is something of a compromise.  The 

end of the cul de sac would be available for parking at off peak times.  All indications are that plenty of on street parking space is available on non school days.


Alternative options considered:

In 2012 the Council received a petition with two hundred and thirty one signatures.  The request was to provide “signage showing times during which parking is not allowed on the zig zag lines at the top of Pingle Road outside the only vehicular access to both schools,  We would also request that signage is included to prevent parking throughout the whole school day to the turning head directly outside the school gates”.  Subsequently two separate options were subject to the TRO process.  One related to single yellow line restrictions covering significant lengths of the cul de sac, the other was for all the five School Keep Clear markings to be made enforceable at school opening and closing times.  Both proposals were met by objections from residents.  Councillors made the decision to revisit this issue after Amey had completed resurfacing work in 2017. 


There is an option to do nothing.  The SKC markings would remain unenforceable. Dobcroft School would not be unique in there being an absence of an enforceable marking outside its gates but Dobcroft would be the only school, making a request for provision of restrictions, to have the request denied.  School representatives are aware of the SKC review programme and its objectives.


 Generally speaking some residents and school staff would seek to have

 “access only” arrangements applying to a cul de sac.  There would be difficulties in applying an appropriately precise definition for the vehicles to be restricted in order to identify them for the purposes of enforcement action   Subsequently enforcement efforts would be frustrated.


The DfT do not recommend signing advising “term time” parking restrictions because term time can vary.  The Monday to Friday daytime restriction is judged appropriate for the turning head as these are times when larger works and delivery vehicles are more prevalent.  In itself the proposal represents a compromise.  The aim is to keep the turning head clear of vehicles throughout weekdays when it is more likely that trades vehicles will be operating.  Parking, in the turning head, would be permitted in the evenings and at weekends.


The proposed single yellow line, for the turning head, front two dwellings in the cul de sac.  Concerns have been expressed in relation to the ability to load/unload in this area   There will still be the opportunity for parking in front of the eastern property as the proposed restrictions do not cover the whole frontage.  However the frontage of the western property is completely covered by the proposed restrictions.  In order to facilitate loading/unloading in front of the western dwelling the scope of the restriction could be relaxed.  The single yellow line could be reduced to “no waiting at any time” (Monday to Friday 08.30am to 4pm) directly outside the property.  It is viewed that such a prospect would be a reasonable compromise and would not jeopardise the overall objectives of the scheme. 


If it is decided that the scheme is to be taken forward as originally proposed the order cannot be made until a public inquiry has been held as per the requirements of regulation 9 of The Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996.  Any decision to take the order forward as per the original proposal is therefore conditional upon the holding of an inquiry.





Publication date: 29/08/2019

Date of decision: 28/08/2019

Effective from: 05/09/2019

Accompanying Documents: