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Sheffield 20mph Speed Limit Strategy: Responses to a Proposal to Introduce a 20mph Speed Limit in Sheffield City Centre

Decision status: Recommendations Approved


To report any objections received in response to the advertising of a 20mph Speed Limit Order for the City Centre.


(i) Make the Sheffield City Centre 20mph Speed Limit Order in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and inform the objectors accordingly; and


(ii) submit a proposal to affect the necessary works to introduce the proposed 20mph speed limit in accordance with the Capital Gateway Process.

Reasons for the decision:

Reducing the speed of traffic in residential areas will, in the long term, reduce the number and severity of accidents, reduce the fear of accidents, encourage sustainable modes of travel and contribute towards the creation of a more pleasant, cohesive environment.


A 20mph speed will also make the City Centre a more attractive place to visit, thus enhancing the regeneration of the central area.


The introduction of a 20mph speed limit in the City Centre would be in-keeping with the City’s approved 20mph Speed Limit Strategy. The long term objective of the Sheffield City Council’s 20mph Strategy is to establish 20mph as the maximum reasonable speed in all suitable residential areas of Sheffield. This strategy is currently being rolled out across the City and it follows that a city centre 20mph limit will link in with this and improve road safety in the central area.

Alternative options considered:

Those objections that relate to the principle of introducing sign-only 20mph speed limits are effectively objections to the approved Sheffield 20mph Speed Limit Strategy. As such, no alternative options have been considered.

Publication date: 18/10/2017

Date of decision: 16/10/2017

Effective from: 25/10/2017

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