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Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board

This page lists the meetings for Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board.


Information about Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board


Sheffield’s Health and Wellbeing Board is a group of local GPs, local councillors, a representative of Sheffield citizens, and senior managers in the NHS and the local authority, all of whom seek to make local government and local health services better for local people.


So that we can make a difference in Sheffield, the Board has a formal public meeting every three months as well as a range of public events held at least once a quarter.


Attending Meetings/Public Questions


Meetings of the Board are open to the public and members of the public can ask questions at meetings. There is a ‘Public Questions’ item on the agenda. You have to attend the meeting to ask your questions. If it is not possible to answer your question at the meeting, you will receive a written reply within 14 days.


If you would like to ask a question at a meeting of the Board, please contact Jason Dietsch in Democratic Services (email or telephone 0114 273 4117).


Recording is allowed at meetings of the Board under the direction of the Chair of the meeting. The protocol on audio/visual recording and photography provides further information.