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Cabinet in the Community

This page lists the meetings for Cabinet in the Community.


Information about Cabinet in the Community

Cabinet in the Community will be taking place in neighbourhoods across the City from November 2015 to March 2016, and will be hosted by the Local Area Partnerships.


This will involve the members of the Cabinet holding ‘Question Time’ style sessions to discuss issues that matter to residents in their area. The sessions will be chaired by the Chair of the Local Area Partnership.


This latest round of Cabinet in the Community sessions will focus on asking local people for their views on how they engage with the Council, followed by a question and answer session.


Ask a Question


You will have the chance to ask questions at the sessions. Anyone can simply turn up and ask a question.


You can also submit questions in advance if you wish to receive a written answer by emailing up to 5 days before the session.


Where possible, questions will be grouped together, so that a more focussed discussion can take place.