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Joint Commissioning Committee

This page lists the meetings for Joint Commissioning Committee.

Information about Joint Commissioning Committee

The Joint Commissioning Committee is a meeting of representatives of Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet and NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group’s Governing Body, with the purpose of agreeing joint health and social care commissioning plans for the City.


The Committee will bring a single commissioning voice to ensure new models of care deliver the outcomes required for the City. 


The Committee will support Sheffield City Council and NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group to deliver national requirements, including but not limited to, NHS Long Term Plan, Social Care Green Paper and Spending Review. 


The Committee will ensure in the first instance delivery of outcomes in the three priority areas of focus; Frailty, SEND and Mental Health.



Attending Meetings/Public Questions


Meetings of the Committee are open to the public and members of the public can ask questions at meetings. There is a ‘Public Questions’ item on the agenda. You have to attend the meeting to ask your questions. If it is not possible to answer your question at the meeting, you will receive a written reply within 14 days.


If you would like to ask a question at a meeting of the Committee, please contact Democratic Services (email


Recording is allowed at meetings of the Committee under the direction of the Chair of the meeting. The protocol on audio/visual recording and photography provides further information.