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Agenda item

Urgent Care Review Update

Report of Brian Hughes (Director of Commissioning, NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).



The Committee received a report providing an update on the findings of the Urgent Care Review, following a report and recommendations that had been submitted in September, 2018, when it had been agreed that the approach and proposals should be reconsidered and new proposals developed.




Present for this item were Kate Gleave (Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group), Rachel Dillon (Sheffield CCG) and Lucy Ettridge (Sheffield CCG).




Kate Gleave stated that a lot of work had been carried out in identifying the problems and issues that the public of Sheffield had with urgent care services in the city. Engagement with partners and public representatives had taken place to understand why people use services, their experiences and what is important to them and what required most improvement.  The outcome was to improve urgent care services by simplifying services, reduce duplication and confusion and improve access to GP appointments.




Members made various comments and asked a number of questions, to which  responses were provided as follows:-




·                     There was a national shortage of GPs, which puts more pressure on surgeries to guarantee appointments when required.




·                     GPs have tried different approaches throughout the years and it has been found impossible for every surgery to operate its appointments system the same way.  However, the proposed primary care networks were about groups working together to meet demand in their local communities.  When surveyed, a number of GPs have said that they wish to improve access by broadening their teams and were willing to try a different approach.




·                     The NHS Choose Well campaign was designed to help people choose the best place to get treatment if they fall ill, freeing up emergency services to help those most in need, but as this is a national campaign, it is not necessarily tailored to local services.  Ways to increase awareness about the range of local services available to assist people in receiving the most appropriate treatment were sought.




RESOLVED: That the Committee:-




(a)       thanks Kate Gleave, Rachel Dillon and Lucy Ettridge for their contribution to the meeting;




(b)       notes the contents of the report and the responses to the questions; and




(c)        welcomes the approach of evolution not revolution, wishes the CCG success with this approach, and will request an update in 18 months’ time looking at the impact of the approach and how it is improving outcomes for Sheffield people.


Supporting documents: