Agenda item

Scrutiny Overview - Issues to Raise from the Scrutiny Committees

The Chairs of the Scrutiny Committees to report



Councillor Mick Rooney reported that the Children, Young People and Family Support Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee had recently held a very productive session with the Sheffield Youth Cabinet, where the Committee had listened to the views of the young people on the ongoing problems they were facing with their education due to the pandemic.  Councillor Rooney stated that he was very pleased with the Committee’s evolving working relationship with the Youth Cabinet, and hoped that it would continue. Councillor Jim Steinke added that, whilst appreciating that the issues discussed with the Youth Cabinet related mainly to the Children, Young People and Family Support Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee, he considered that the other scrutiny committees should give consideration to inviting members of the Youth Cabinet to future meetings to listen to their views.




Councillor Denise Fox stated that, further to a meeting of the Economic and Environmental Wellbeing Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee, at which representatives of the bus operators attended, she had written, at the request of the Committee, to the representatives in attendance, expressing the thanks of the Committee for the excellent work undertaken in terms of maintaining a level of service during the pandemic.




Councillor Cate McDonald stated that the Healthier Communities and Adult Social Care Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee had met on 10th February, and had looked at dentistry and, further to a request from the Committee, she would be writing to the Secretary of State for Health, expressing the Committee's concerns at the fact that the current contract for primary dental care had not been reviewed since 2005.  She added that the Committee had also considered the issue of the setting of fees for residential care at the same meeting, which had been highlighted as a very problematic area.  Councillor McDonald also stated that the Scrutiny Food Poverty Working Group had recently met for the first time, which had been a very productive meeting.




The Committee noted the information now reported.