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Relocation of Step Down Services from Wainwright Crescent to Lightwood House - Progress

Report of the Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust



The Sub-Committee received a follow up report regarding the progress and impact of the relocation of the Step-Down service from Wainwright Crescent to Beech, on the Trusts Lightwood Lane site in July 2022.




Present for this item were Heather Burns (Deputy Director, Mental Health Transformation, NHS South Yorkshire) and Greg Hackney (Senior Service Manager, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust).




Heather Burns referred to Appendix A to the report which had been circulated to Members the previous day.  She said that comments received from Lucy Davies, Healthwatch, had been included within the Appendix.  Heather Burns then referred to the report itself stating that she had attended a meeting of this Sub-Committee in June, asking for support for the Plan. The Sub-Committee had asked for a follow-up report to be brought to a future meeting on progress made in the relocation of Step-Down Services.  She said the Service would be a safe place for patients with acute mental health illnesses to be transported from hospital to the Unit to aid their recovery and rebuild their confidence, so that they could make the transition back into the community as smooth as possible.  Heather Burns said that since the service had relocated on 5th July 2022, there had been no adverse impact on access to the service, and positive feedback had been received from service users with regard to the availability of ensuite rooms, separate kitchens and the aesthetic environment with enclosed gardens providing plenty of space for patients to relax and receive visitors.  One downside to the Unit was that some residents had reported difficulties in getting to the nearest bus stop to the Unit.  She said that it was proposed to provide an additional wheelchair accessible toilet within the Unit.




The Chair (Councillor Ruth Milsom) and Councillor Mary Lea said that they had visited the Unit last week, and both were very impressed with the atmosphere, the quality of the rooms, outside areas etc., and said that the staff were very enthusiastic in providing the best care possible to patients.  Dr. Trish Edney, Healthwatch, raised the issue of accessibility to nearby bus stops and also asked whether, due to the Unit being further out of the city, would people still choose this facility due to its distance to other areas of the city.




Greg Hackney said that there had been no variation to home locations, the pathway for patients was to offer support, the distance from the previous site was minor.  He said the Trust would be looking at travel issues for staff, service users and their families.




RESOLVED: That the Sub-Committee:-


(a)      notes the progress made in the relocation of Step-Down Services and that positive steps had been taken to improve the experiences and outcomes; and

(b)      asked that a further progress be brought back to the Sub-Committee in 12 months’ time.




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