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Health Protection

Report of Greg Fell, Director of Public Health.



The report which gave one of the twice-yearly updates on the health protection system, was delivered by Ruth Granger, Consultant in Public Health.  The report included a review of the Public Health Outcomes Framework measures of health protection for Sheffield, an update on increase in Sexually Transmitted Infections, reporting progress on reviewing the Sheffield Mass Treatment and Vaccination Plan and work to increase capacity for Infection Prevention and Control in the city.



A discussion took place regarding whether the community channels which had been set up during the Covid pandemic were still being used.    Ruth Granger advised that this was being encouraged but there were funding constraints.  Greg Fell stated that NHS England was about to publish its vaccine delivery strategy and this was likely to encourage community facilities to assist with vaccine take up.



A question was raised regarding latent TB screening through primary care.  Ruth Granger advised that she could come back to a subsequent meeting of the Board with further information on this, but progress was good against NHS targets.  Screening was currently being focussed on new university students.



The Chair (Councillor Angela Argenzio) stated that she should declare an interest as she worked for City of Sanctuary, however she wanted to raise that regarding accommodation for asylum seekers, the government were pushing for two people per hotel room.  She asked whether there was funding in place for the resulting spread of infectious diseases. 


Ruth Granger advised that this was a known risk and accommodation providers had to have Outbreak Plans.  They were also given advice by the UJ Health Security Agency regarding supporting and managing any cases.  Funding had been extended to housing settings where vulnerable people lived, and this included asylum seekers.



Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board:


(a)  Agrees to consider what role partners on the Health and Wellbeing Board can play in addressing issues highlighted in the Public Health Outcome Framework indicators;


(b)  Agrees to consider the link to its representative on the Sheffield Mass Vaccination and Treatment Plan to ensure that there is a good fit between Council organisational plans and the city-wide MTV Plan as its updated;


(c)  Notes the increase in levels of Gonorrhoea and Syphilis and where appropriate will take action to increase testing; and


(d)  Endorses work to increase capacity around Infection Prevention and Control in the city.




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