Agenda item

Sheffield Race Equality Commission Update

Presentation by Homaira Ibrahim



The Committee received a presentation from Homaira Ibrahim, Equalities and Engagement Officer.




Ms Ibrahim gave a brief overview of the Race Equality Commission recommendations and an update on the whole-city commitment. She noted that Sheffield was currently one of the most culturally diverse cities in the UK, with roughly 120 languages spoken, and added that it was important for Sheffield organisations to work with communities in order to better understand and serve their changing needs. She explained that central Sheffield had a diverse population in terms of age, ethnicity, disability and employment, with many different languages, cultures, religions and beliefs, and that there was a need to share good practice, value everyone as individuals and work together to adopt a model of cultural humility. Following the murder of George Floyd in the USA in 2020, there had been a global spotlight on racism across the world. The Race Equality Commission was subsequently commissioned in 2021, and was a city-wide commission affecting all organisations across Sheffield. It had an independent Chair and 24 Commissioners, and had heard written and oral evidence of lived experiences of racial disparities across Sheffield. Following this, the Commission had made recommendations and prioritised six areas of focus: Education, Business and Employment, Health, Civic Life and Communities, Crime and Justice, and Sport and Culture. The evidence had found Sheffield to be a racist city; change was needed, and partners across the city would be held accountable through the Legacy Group, which had the responsibility of embedding practice systemically across Sheffield, involving leaders, staff and communities. Ms Ibrahim outlined the seven recommendations of the Race Equality Commission, and how these were aimed at all organisations across Sheffield in order to get a holistic viewpoint and encourage joint working. As part of the Legacy Group, the Sheffield City Partnership Board, community, and anchor institutions were working together in the form of a Task and Finish Group, in order to achieve a working and sustainable model which was planned go out to consultation in November 2023, and be operational by December 2023.




Councillor Brian Holmes, Chair of the Committee, advised that the seven themes referred to by Ms Ibrahim would be discussed in more detail during the breakout sessions at item 9.