Agenda item

Update on Review of Council's Approach to Public Questions

Report of The Head of Policy and Partnerships



The Committee received a report from the Director of Policy and Democratic Engagement.




The Policy and Improvement Officer (Alice Nicholson) explained that the report was to provide an update on the Committees existing task and finish group who were tasked with reviewing the Council’s approach to public questions. The report recommended that the Committee noted the work carried out by the task and finish group so far, and that they agreed that the task and finish group continued to work on this and bring back recommendation to this Committee early next year.




Following the introduction to the report, Members of the Committee asked questions and made comments, and the key points to note were: -




The Chair of the meeting (Councillor Sue Alston) mentioned that 2.1.3 of the report should include Councillor Paul Turpin’s name as he was a part of this task and finish group.




A Member of the Committee stated that the citizens who were currently engaging in this piece of work seemed to be the same demographic. Therefore, a wider demographic needed to be targeted.


The Policy and Improvement Officer mentioned how the task and finish group was looking at the process around asking public questions although raised how it would be important to look at how the Council engaged with a wider range of citizens and heard from those who do not usually ask public questions.




A Member of the Committee believed there was a lot of digital exclusion within the city. Therefore, the use of technology around public questions needed to be considered.




RESOLVED:  That the Committee:


(1)        note the update on the progress of the Review of our Approach to Public Questions at Council Meetings; and


(2)        agree to the task and finish group continuing with their work on this review, to bring recommendations to the Committee early 2024.




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