Agenda item

Work Programme

Report of The Head of Policy and Partnerships



The Committee considered a report of the Head of Policy and Partnerships concerning its work programme.




The Policy and Improvement Officer (Alice Nicholson) gave an update on the programme and highlighted the key areas for Members attention. She referred to upcoming items on the programme and explained when these would likely be presented at Committee.




Members of the Committee made comments and suggestions relating to the work programme, as follows:




The Chair of the meeting (Councillor Sue Alston) was mindful that the Committee had just agreed to set up another Working Group and therefore how some Members of the Governance Committee were now involved in many Working Groups.




A Member of the Committee mentioned that it would be useful to compare the number of urgent decisions taken with previous years, when looking at the use of urgent decisions item scheduled for this meeting at its February 2024 Committee meeting.


The Head of Policy and Partnerships explained that this could be picked up and reported back when the item was scheduled to be presented to the Committee.






(1)        the Committee’s work programme, as set out in Appendix 1 be agreed, including any additions and amendments identified in Part 1;


(2)        the Committee notes the indications of items which are likely to need more intensive work (e.g. citizen involvement, task and finish groups, policy review and development work) and consider implications for prioritisation of Governance Committee’s forward workplan; and


(3)    the Committee considers any further issues to be explored by officers for inclusion on the future iteration of the work programme.




Supporting documents: