Agenda item

Work Programme

Report of the Director of Policy and Democratic Engagement



The Principal Democratic Services Officer presented the Work Programme. It was noted that;

·       The knowledge update on the Charities Act and Charity Trustee Responsibilities was still outstanding

·       An update on the Norton Nurseries site should be added to the Work Programme

·       Submission of the Charity Accounts for 2023/24 should be added to the Work Programme for next year

·       An update on the Rose Garden Café should be added to the Work Programme for the March 2024 committee meeting.





1.    the Committee’s work programme, as set out in Appendix 1 be agreed, including any additions and amendments identified in Part 1;


2.    consideration be given to the further additions or adjustments to the work programme presented at Part 2 of Appendix 1;


3.    Members give consideration to any further issues to be explored by officers for inclusion in Part 2 of Appendix 1 of the next work programme report, for potential addition to the work programme.



Supporting documents: