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Committee Details

Planning and Highways Committee

Purpose of committee


This Committee is responsible for planning applications, Tree Preservation Orders, enforcement action and some highway, footpath, road safety and traffic management issues for the whole City. It is also responsible for determination of City Centre planning, development of transport matters and strategic development projects.


Recording of Meetings


Recording is allowed at Planning Committees under the direction of the Chair of the meeting. The protocol on audio/visual recording and photography provides further information.


Planning Applications


Planning applications online allows you to view details of planning applications.


Speaking at Planning and Highways Committee Meetings


The public are able to speak at a Planning and Highways Committee.   This is restricted to one person to speak for and one person to speak against a planning application report recommendation for up to five minutes each.  However, at the Chair’s discretion, more speakers may be allowed to speak with the same time allowance, although the Chair will ask and is keen to ensure that they don’t repeat any issues already raised by previous speakers.  Where possible, it is helpful for a nominated person to speak on behalf of a group of people wanting to speak, although it is appreciated this is not always possible.


Speakers addressing the Committee should cover all their points in the time allowed, objectors to a planning application will speak first followed by the applicant. It is also important, when speaking, to address the planning policy issues in respect of the proposed development, as the Committee has to make a decision on these matters.


Those who go over their time limit will be asked politely by the Chair to end their representations. People will not be allowed to speak again after they have spoken, unless invited to do so by the Chair of the meeting.  After representations to the Committee, questions from Members will be answered by the officers, unless it is considered necessary by the Chair for the applicant/agent/objector to respond. 


Whilst you can register to speak at the meeting, it would be helpful if you would let the Committee Officer know in advance if you or your representative is wanting to speak. We advise all speakers to report to the Town Hall reception 15 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin.


Contact information

Support officer: Abby Brownsword, Democratic Services. Email:

Phone: 0114 2735033