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Mental Health Social Care Function

17/03/2017 - Mental Health Social Care Functions


The Executive Director, Communities submitted a report in relation to Mental Health Social Care Functions.




RESOLVED: That Cabinet:-





approves the principles for the commissioning of mental health services set out in the report; and






approves the four mental health service specifications to be incorporated into the CCG contract with SHSC (using the arrangements put in place for the Better Care Fund).





Reasons for Decision




Approval of the recommendations will enable the Council to work jointly with the CCG (utilising the Better Care Fund) to deliver the four mental health services currently delivered by SHSC directly on behalf of the Council. 




This is the preferred option as it is in line with integrating health and social care and will enable:


• Increasingly joint commissioning with CCG e.g. joint commissioning planning and performance monitoring, opportunities for joint commissioning of other mental health services.


• Transparent spending and costs across the mental health and social care economy.


• Reduced risk of unintended negative financial impacts on SCC and the CCG.


• Transformational changes to be more easily delivered.


• Greater opportunities to attract external investment – integrated mental health budgets will make grant funding / transformation funding bids more likely to succeed.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




Option 1


Seek to extend current arrangements to give officers time to consider alternative arrangements. Due to the implications on service delivery and HR implications time would need to needed to complete all consultation and ensure a safe service can be delivered. A 12-month extension would probably be required.  In addition to approval for the extension the Director of Finance and Commercial Services would also need to be prepared to waive Contract Standing Orders for this period.


This is not our preferred option:


• It would require the agreement of SHSC, which may not be obtained;

• It is not in line with our commissioning intentions nor does it allow us to start to address the issue of cost transference; and

• Officers from both Commercial Services and Legal Services would need to review all of the details of any proposed extension to ensure that it did not breach the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and they have already indicated that it may not be possible to extend the contracts for the period that would be required to allow for appropriate consultation, procurement and transition.




Option 2


Allow the current arrangements to end on the 31st March.


There is not enough time to coordinate the delivery of the contracted services within the Council safely and in addition this proposal is inconsistent with commissioning intentions and the wider integration agenda.


The alternative would be to consider procuring a replacement service provider independently of the CCG.  However, this would almost certainly require an extension of the current contracts in the short term to allow time for a legally compliant procurement process to be carried out.  This gives rise to the same concerns as option 1. 


This is not our preferred option because of the risk to the public and the Council.




Option 3


Work with SHSC to return the social care function to SCC.


This would need to be in combination with option 1. This is not our preferred option as it would work against our commitment to providing integrated support for service users; and, would cause considerable disruption at a time when social care services are already undergoing significant change. This option will however be kept under review




Any Interest Declared or Dispensation Granted








Reason for Exemption if Public/Press Excluded During Consideration








Respective Director Responsible for Implementation




Laraine Manley, Executive Director, Place




Relevant Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee If Decision Called In




Healthier Communities and Adult Social Care