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Save Cobden View Community Garden

We the undersigned petition the council to preserve the well established community space on the corner of Cobden View Road and Northfield Road in Crookes. We believe that plans to build on the site are going ahead without due consultation with the community and in contravention of wildlife protection laws. We demand a full public consultation on the future of this site.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend work began to board off the green area and block access to the path from Northfield Road to Cobden View Road. No warning of any kind was given to local residents and no evidence of a planning application can be found on Sheffield’s planning
application site.

Without any planning permission or application to work next to a public highway, Contractors have erected an 8ft high solid wooden fence around the entire plot. The loss of this open space has caused great distress to local residents because it was pleasant to use and pleasant to view and therefore beneficial to our physical and mental health not to mention its positive contribution to the local environment and property values.

The plot has been enjoyed by local residents for over sixty years as an open space for recreation and picnics in addition to the convenience of the path which provides a shorter route between Northfield Road and Cobden View Road. For the past few years, the plot has been tended by volunteers from St Thomas’ Church, St Timothy’s Church and other local residents who have maintained the grass and shrubs and planted a beautiful floral display in the north corner.

The footpath across the plot has been in daily use for decades. A public right of way cannot be obstructed by a landowner.

We have been informed that the new owner intends to build one or two shops, with a block of flats above. As far as we can tell, no application has yet been made to the Council for planning permission. We will strongly oppose any application for a change of use which entails enclosing the plot and removing the greenery.

The junction of Cobden View Road with Northfield Road is very steep and angled. We are concerned about the safety of the junction. Any building which extends more than halfway across the plot will reduce a driver’s view to the point where it will not be safe to emerge out of Cobden View Road.

A block of flats would bring an increase in road traffic and car parking. There is no on-street parking available because the open sides of the plot border onto a road junction and the site itself is too small for parking.

The spectacular views to the horizon are a feature of Crookes by virtue of its elevation and they contribute towards making it a popular and desirable place to live. Any development on this plot would obscure the uninterrupted view of Sheffield which is currently enjoyed by pedestrians and residents on Northfield Road and Netherfield Road and by customers at the popular Italian restaurant at the top of the street which is a thriving local business.

Yours sincerely,

Crookes Community

Started by: Linda Hennessy

This ePetition ran from 26/05/2020 to 07/07/2020 and has now finished.

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