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Make a new junction onto Overend Road using the land at the side of the horse and groom pub.

We the undersigned petition the council to Make a new junction onto Overend Road using land at the side of the horse and groom carpark.

The current junction onto Overend Road from blackstock Road is unsafe particularly when exiting Overend Road, you are faced with a bustop on both sides of the road, a blind bend which speeding vehicles fly round. Cars parked in the bustop to the left obscuring your view. Turning onto Overend Road is not much better as there are cars parked all the way down Overend road due to lack of any parking in the area Overend Road is also a tight winding road which cars go to fast up and down too fast and almost every journey down the road results in on car having to put two wheels on the pavement to avoid a collision. This combined witj the fact that the council are now strict with. It letting cars queue for the recycling centre means cars are driving past and using this already dangerous junction as turnaround which result often in cars having to wait on blackstock road directly after the blind bend hoping not to be back ended by a speeding motorist. Combine all these factors and there is a disaster waiting to happen.

Started by: Scott Whitham

This ePetition runs from 12/09/2020 to 01/01/2021.

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