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Closure of schools on the 10th December

We the undersigned petition the council to Close all schools on the 10th December to reduce the risk of having to do a 14 day isolation Christmas Day.

Currently schools are due to close for the Christmas period on Friday 18th December, I would like to propose that they close on Thursday 10th December instead.

The reason behind my proposal is that should a child or staff member need to isolate in the last week of term they would be unable to enjoy Christmas without restrictions. For me Christmas is about being with family and being able to spend the time together, not only with parents, but with Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, Cousins. Children are already suffering with their mental health from not being able to see their family out of their household and I feel that this will be made worse by not being able to see them over Christmas. By closing on the 10th it would allow for a 2-week isolation prior to Christmas Day should it be needed. I also fear that should an isolation be required over Christmas that the rules would be broken so that they could be with family regardless.

Whilst I appreciate that children have missed a lot of their education, there is time to put a working plan in place for work at home from the 11th December whether it be education packs or online learning.

Started by: Kathryn Wileman

This ePetition runs from 12/11/2020 to 01/12/2020.

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