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Sheffield council to approve food waste service next month

We the undersigned petition the council to approve Sheffield household food waste caddy service at a meeting on September 27 2023. Sheffield Council told Sheffield Star readers on Friday the 4th of August this year (2023) that, Sheffield Council will consider approving it. I also read in the same report that this may sadly be postponed until 2025 due to UK government funding . That for me is shocking. If you are talking about climate change and are talking about taking so many polluted cars off Sheffield's roads, leaving this plan until 2025 would be harmful for Sheffield households as a whole. Sheffield City Council should also consider that this could have an effect on Sheffield playing its part when it comes to climate change.

In the food waste trial last year, 2022, Sheffield households that took part were given 1 caddy for the kitchen work top and 1 caddy to put the used food bags in ready for collection outdoors.

Here is where I see the problem, Sheffield households should only need 1caddy to collect the food waste in and that should only be an indoors caddy.

Outdoors: Sheffield households should be given a black bin to share between two or more households, and on that back bin should be a sticker labelled 'Food Waste', so people know which bin they use for their food bags to go in. Also, I say this because I do not think an outdoor caddy, for some households would be enough space to put the used food bags in.

More to the point, some Sheffield households may produce more food waste than other Sheffield households.

Also, not forgetting when Sheffield households used the blue box blue bin service for there roadside recycling.

Sheffield householders, plus the bin company Veolia, so many years down the line, started complaining the blue box was too heavy to handle, so back to the point, food waste caddy service, how do you expect Sheffield householders to manage putting out 2 food waste caddy’s every week?

Started by: MohammedFaysal Ansar

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