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Make Victoria Quays Safer

We the undersigned petition the council to consider replacing the existing barriers around the perimeters of Victoria Quayside with more secure alternatives to prevent injury or death.

In the wake of another tragic loss of life in Victoria Quays, we believe that the existing chained bollards that surround the Quayside are not fit for purpose.

We the undersigned propose that these barriers should be improved to minimise the possibility of someone falling into the water, or alternatively new railings should be installed in their place.

Additionally, we suggest that luminous painted ladders should be installed at regular intervals in the Quay itself so that if someone does fall into the water, they have a much greater chance of getting out safely.

Started by: Hannah Padmore

This ePetition ran from 02/08/2017 to 30/09/2017 and has now finished.

1011 people signed this ePetition.