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Sheffield City Council, do your duty, do what’s right and fair. Give us disabled bays.

We the undersigned petition the council to “Streets Ahead is a £2.2 Billion PFI contract” with the council. They have resurfaced ‘on street parking zones’ across Sheffield but have not included “disabled bays”. ? Disabled adults, children and carers should be able to shop locally, meet friends and support local businesses. Without “disabled bays”, this makes it difficult and is "discriminatory".?? ? Sheffield Council's Transport Department say, "Due to cuts it is not possible for us to satisfy all of the requests for schemes that are received from the city as a whole" How does this fit in with “Equality Act 2010”??? ? We believe the “Street Ahead contract directly discriminates against disabled people” by not installing “disabled bays” in ‘on street parking zones.?? ? We demand that “Sheffield City Council to renegotiate the Streets Ahead contract”, make Sheffield’s communities accessible for all.? ? Please sign this petition and help disabled adults, children and carers across Sheffield.?? Thank you!?

I want SCC to show a real commitment to the following:
Equalities Act 2010 SCC and AMEY both have a ‘duty’ under the to ensure to access facilities, goods and services.
*Ethical Procurement Policy 2018 ‘Maximising the Council’s ability to use its discretion to apply ethical standards to behaviour throughout its supply chain’, ‘We want to encourage companies to think about the wider social impact on Sheffield communities of their activity’.
*‘Equality & fairness Objectives’ commits to ‘remove barriers to services which are disproportionally experienced by some communities’
*‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy 2017’ wants a City ‘Where individuals feel valued, included and able to access services’

Started by: Ann-Marie Marshall

This ePetition ran from 11/12/2018 to 13/03/2019 and has now finished.

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