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Officer Decisions

Use the below search options at the bottom of the page to find information regarding recent decisions that have been taken by council officers.

Alternatively you can visit the decisions by Cabinet, Committees, etc page for information on decisions that have been taken by the council’s decision making bodies.

Officer decisions
Title Date
Broadfield Road Improvements 18/12/2019
City Centre West Cycle scheme 18/12/2019
Leighton Road Crossing Facilities 18/12/2019
City Centre Safety - Tudor Square 18/12/2019
Ponderosa Park Improvements, Phase 2 18/12/2019
Barnsley Road Temporary Accommodation 18/12/2019
Greystones Culvert - Emergency Works 18/12/2019
Dams and Watercourses Repairs Phase 5a 18/12/2019