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Meeting attendance

Thursday 30 January 2020 2.00 pm, Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board

Venue:   Town Hall, Sheffield City Council

Contact:    Abby Brownsword, Principal Committee Secretary

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Chief Superintendent Stuart Barton South Yorkshire Police Committee Member Apologies
Dr Nikki Bates Governing Body Member, Clinical Commissioning Group Committee Member Expected
Jayne Brown Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust Committee Member Expected
Abby Brownsword Secretary Expected
Steve Chu Public Expected
Lucy Davies Public Present
Maddy Desforges Public Present
Nicki Doherty Director of Delivery Care out of Hospital, Clinical Commissioning Group Committee Member Present
Councillor Jackie Drayton Cabinet Member for Children and Young People Committee Member Present
Ian Drayton Public Expected
Greg Fell Director of Public Health, Sheffield City Council Committee Member Present
Jane Ginniver Committee Member Expected
Laura Haslam Public Expected
Phil Holmes Director of Adult Services, Sheffield City Council Committee Member Expected
Dr Terry Hudsen Chair Present
Brian Hughes Substitute Member Apologies
David Hughes Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Committee Member Apologies
Mike Hunter Public Present
Alison Knowles Locality Director, NHS England Committee Member Present
Councillor George Lindars-Hammond Committee Member Present
John Macilwraith Officer Present
Laraine Manley Executive Director, Place Committee Member Apologies
Clare Mappin The Burton Street Foundation Committee Member Expected
Paul McCurry Public Expected
Dr Zak McMurray Clinical Director, Clinical Commissioning Group Committee Member Expected
Alison Metcalfe Committee Member Expected
Prof Chris Newman Committee Member Present
Judy Robinson Chair, Healthwatch Sheffield Committee Member Present
Lesley Smith Public Apologies
Sara Storey Public Present
Delphine Waring Public Expected
Councillor Paul Wood Committee Member Apologies