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Additional Home Care to Support Hospital Discharge

Decision Maker: Finance Sub-Committee

Decision status: Recommendations Approved



The purpose of the report was to seek approval to accept and allocate monies from NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board to the value of £2.427m on a non-recurring basis.


The purpose of this new funding from NHS is to enable an increase in social care capacity to enable the safe and timely provision of discharge from hospital and reduction of 40 beds on average per month.




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That Finance Sub-Policy Committee:-


1.     Approves the Council accepting £2.427m of non-recurrent funding from the NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board and thereby becoming the Accountable Body for such funding as set out in this Report.

2.     Approves the establishment of a grant fund(s) of a maximum £2m, with eligibility criteria to be agreed with NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, from which grants will be allocated to successful providers to provide the additional social care support.

3.     Delegates authority to the Director of Adult Health and Social Care to set the eligibility criteria for the grant fund(s), in consultation with the NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, and to award any grants in excess of £50,000.







Reasons for Decision




The additional social care support and funding will:-


·       Alleviate short and long-term pressures which will lead to people being discharged from hospital on a timely basis and within 48 hours of being ‘Medically fit for discharge’.

·       Support the existing home care providers who are dealing with increased demand pressures.

·       Support and enable where possible the individual to return home if they are able to do so.

·       Reduce the number of people deconditioning due to extended stays in hospital.

·       Free up acute beds for other purpose

·       Support increased demand due to winter pressures and other spike in demand due to COVID/Flu etc






Alternatives Considered and Rejected




The Council could decline the grant funding but it is anticipated that demand would still increase and there would be no additional funding to meet those costs. In addition, it is highly unlikely that the homecare sector could provide the additional capacity without the measures proposed in this Report.



The Council could agree to be Accountable Body for the funding but only look to directly provide additional capacity or contract for it without the grant funding arrangements proposed in this Report. However, as above, it is highly unlikely that the homecare sector could provide the additional capacity without the grant funding measures proposed in this Report. It is believed that those grant funding arrangements will stimulate the market and enable them to increase capacity so that we are able to enter into additional call off contracts under existing contractual arrangements.


Report author: Alexis Chappell

Publication date: 16/09/2022

Date of decision: 06/09/2022

Decided at meeting: 06/09/2022 - Finance Sub-Committee

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