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Parkhill Parking Scheme

Decision Maker: Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee

Decision status: Recommendations Approved



The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director of City Futures on the consultation response to proposals to introduce a Controlled Parking Zone in Park Hill. The report detailed objections to the Traffic Regulation Order and set out the Council’s response and recommendations.




RESOLVED: That the Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee:-


·         Welcomes the development of a parking scheme, however it does not approve the officer recommendations

·         Requests that a new scheme is designed and developed in consultation with local residents and all appropriate stakeholders





Reasons for Decision




The proposed Park Hill controlled parking zone will:


Improve conditions for local businesses residents by ensuring the availability of convenient parking spaces for residents, business and visitors and giving them a greater level of priority where appropriate through issuing permits;

Improve access through the area and loading and unloading opportunities for all vehicles (especially larger ones) by removing parking at or near junctions; and

Improve conditions for sustainable travel modes.



Specific responses to the points raised in the feedback to the consultation are addressed earlier in this report. On balance, it is considered that the Council should proceed with the implementation of the Park Hill Controlled Parking Zone in the

amended form set out in Appendix C to this report as its benefits are considered to outweigh the concerns raised.



It is good practice to review any highway scheme after it has been active for a period of time to ensure that it is delivering on the benefits expected. Parking behaviours are constantly changing post covid so reviewing the boundary of the scheme after around 12 months will ensure that the scheme on site is the best scheme to achieve our objectives.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




Consideration was given to limited waiting, without charging (e.g. 4

hours, no return within 2 hours), with permits considered where

appropriate. However, this was discounted for the following



• Enforcement of the restrictions are more resource intensive

and time consuming;

• Puts pressure on existing enforcement resources as limited

extra income through enforcement may not cover additional


• Lack of consistency of approach with other areas of the


• Residents and businesses could feel that they are being

charged to park in the area where visitors (and potentially

commuters) may not; and

• There is anecdotal evidence from schemes around the City

that suggest that people may move their vehicles part way

through the day to avoid the 4-hour restrictions.


Publication date: 14/06/2023

Date of decision: 14/06/2023

Decided at meeting: 14/06/2023 - Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee

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