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South Local Area Committee Budget 2023-24 Report

Decision Maker: South Local Area Committee

Decision status: Recommendations Approved




South Local Area Committee Budget 2023-24 Report




6.1      Each Local Area Committee has a budget to address local priorities, this report:


    Describes the funding allocated to the South LAC for 2023/24 and sets out proposals and options for its allocation and current expenditure, in line with the updated South LAC Community Plan.


     Outlines the reallocation of £11,250 which was carried forward from the South LAC budget for 2022/23 and outlines agreed spend.


6.2      RESOLVED: that the South Local Area Committee


a)   Approves the updated South LAC Community Plan for 2023/24 (Appendix A of the report)

b)   Agrees the use of the 2023/24 LAC budget of £25,000 per ward (totalling £100,000 per LAC) as described in the report.

c)   Notes the proposed and current expenditure against the 2023-24 budget to address local priorities in the South LAC Community Plan, as detailed in the report.

d)   Notes the reallocation of £11,250 carry forward from the 2022-23 budget, as outlined in the report; and

e)   Considers proposals in relation to the 2023/24 South LAC Cost of Living budget of £59,610 and makes any agreed decisions in relation to spend, as outlined in the report.


In relation to point e) the South LAC agreed to allocate the cost of living funding as outlined below:

  • Cost of Living, South LAC Dedicated Post

Pilot Project with SCC Cost of Living Support Hub, 12 months


  • Shared Prosperity Fund, Community Development Workers

Small operational budget



·       Grants for 3 foodbanks that cover priority areas in the South LAC, Gleadless Valley, Nether Edge & Sharrow and Lowedges, Batemoor and Jordanthorpe



 6.3      Reasons for Decision

The South LAC is asked to note the use of funding under delegated powers and agree any further expenditure to address the identified local priorities.


6.4      Alternatives Considered and Rejected

The LAC could choose not to review the priorities in the Community Plan, but this would risk the Plan being out of date. The LAC could choose not to allocate budgets at this stage, but in particular in relation to the cost-of-living funding, this would delay support getting to communities.



Publication date: 13/10/2023

Date of decision: 12/10/2023

Decided at meeting: 12/10/2023 - South Local Area Committee

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