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Decision details

Hackney Carriage Fuel Surcharge

Decision status: Recommendations Approved



To consider a request from Hackney Carriage Trade Representatives for a fuel surcharge to be applied to each fare.




UNANIMOUSLY AGREED: That the Waste and Street Scene Urgency Sub-Committee:-


1.  Approve the suggested fuel surcharge to be applied to all Hackney Carriage Fares with the addition of further 2 bands to the schedule set out in the Report, as outlined below:


When the price of diesel exceeds the following price per litre:

The additional surcharge on all journeys will be:






2.     Agreed that the Chair should write to the Department for Transport to ask that they consider amending legislation to enable Local Authorities to implement such surcharges in an easier and more efficient way.



Reasons for Decision




The average price of diesel in Yorkshire & Humberside has increased from 148.8 pence per litre when the fares were reviewed in January 2022 to 195.7 pence per litre in June (according to the fuel price reports published on the AA website).



Representatives of the Hackney Carriage trade have requested that a review of fares is considered urgently.



A surcharge that tracks the average price of diesel is recommended so that drivers have the certainty of being able to add a surcharge quickly as prices increase but that they can also alter when they decrease.



It was also recommended so that changes can be applied efficiently without the need to ask Committee for a decision each time.



Alternatives Considered and Rejected




The option of a fixed surcharge amount was considered.



As can be seen at Appendix B of the report, trade representatives felt that a fixed surcharge amount on each job would be appropriate.



Evidence from Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy shows that weekly national average fuel prices are starting to show a downturn so it was considered better to have a surcharge that reflected the current diesel prices and the second consultation showed that the trade agreed.



Report author: Claire Bower

Publication date: 27/07/2022

Date of decision: 27/07/2022

Decided at meeting: 27/07/2022 - Waste & Street Scene Urgency Sub-Committee

Accompanying Documents: