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Decision details

Proposal for 2024/2025 Allotment rents

Decision status: Recommendations Approved



The report sought approval for an increase in allotment rent and water charges for 2024/2025 by 5.5% (an increase below current inflation).


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Communities, Parks and Leisure Policy Committee:-


1.     That the rent for allotments in 2024/2025 is increased by 5.5%

2.     That this increase is at a below-inflation increase for 2024/2025 only, due to the current cost of living crisis.



Reasons for Decision


The recommendation to increase the rents by 5.5% in 2024/25 protects the delivery of the service to a degree, whilst taking account of the results of consultation.


Alternatives Considered and Rejected


Rents could be left at the same level. However due to inflation this would effectively be akin to a reduction in budget; quite a significant one due to the current high level of inflation. This was rejected because the current allotment budget is not felt to be larger than needed. A significant reduction in budget would decrease the level of service and site improvements.


An increase of 9.4% in line with inflation was initially considered, however this was rejected following the outcomes of consultation.


Rents could be increased by a larger amount, but this would go against the outcomes of the consultation. Considering the results of the consultation questionnaire in January 2018, discussions at the Allotment Advisory Group, the survey of October 2022 and the need to deliver the service, an increase of 5.5% (below inflation) has emerged as the overall preferred option.


Publication date: 23/11/2022

Date of decision: 14/11/2022

Decided at meeting: 14/11/2022 - Communities, Parks and Leisure Policy Committee

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