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Lease of Arbourthorne Lodge, Norfolk Heritage Park

Decision Maker: Charity Trustee Sub-Committee

Decision status: Recommendations Approved



The committee considered a report of the Executive Director of City Futures seeking the approval of the Charity Trustee Sub-Committee acting as Charity Trustee of Norfolk Park (Registered Charity Number 1040354) (“the Charity”) to grant a new lease of the Arbourthorne Lodge (“the Property”) to Amy’s House on the terms set out in the Appendices to the report after consideration of the contents of the Qualified Surveyor’s Report and satisfying itself that the proposed terms are the best that can be reasonably obtained in the circumstances.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Charity Trustees Sub-Committee:-

1.    On consideration of the commercial terms and the Qualified Surveyor’s Report (set out in attached Appendices), agree that the Trustees are satisfied that the proposed terms are the best that can be reasonably obtained in the circumstances.

2.    Approve the lease of the subject property to the tenant based on the terms set out in this report, subject to the advertising of notices and consideration by the Sub-Committee of any representation made in response to the public notices being advertised.




Reasons for Decision


The proposal to grant a lease of this property:

• contributes to charity park income

• reduces the charity’s liabilities by passing on maintenance and repair responsibilities to the tenant

• complies with the statutory provisions contained within the Act and further with the requirements of the Charity Commission




Alternatives Considered and Rejected


It is considered that there are no realistic options here given that property is

already occupied by Amy’s House who have invested significantly in

upgrading the building.




Publication date: 22/09/2023

Date of decision: 15/09/2023

Decided at meeting: 15/09/2023 - Charity Trustee Sub-Committee

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