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2024/25 Budget Savings for CPL to set a balanced budget

Decision status: Recommendations Approved



The Head of Parks, Leisure and Libraries accompanied by Head of Communities introduced the report which set out the financial pressures facing the Communities, Parks and Leisure Policy Committee (CPL) in 2024/25, and the proposed options available to the council to offset these pressures.



RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Communities, Parks and Leisure Policy Committee:-


1.     Acknowledges the recommendation approved at the Strategy and Resources Committee on 7th September 2023 that “Policy Committees will be asked to develop savings / additional income options that cover their own pressures – in effect cash standstill” and to “require Policy Committees to report at their meetings in November on how they can balance their budgets.

2.     Notes, as this Committee's response to the Strategy and Resources Committee's request, the set of budget proposals set out in the closed Part B to this report.

3.     Notes that Officers will now work with Members to consult with relevant stakeholders (including with partners, staff, trades unions and in respect of equalities and climate change) on the proposals in this report to inform final budget proposals.

4.     Notes that Officers will work to develop any necessary detailed implementation plans for the proposals in this report so that the proposals can be implemented as planned before or during the 2024/25 financial year.

5.      Notes a further report will be brought to this Committee in December 2023


Reasons for Decision


Members are asked to note the challenging budget situation Members are asked to note the unsustainable financial position highlighted by the medium-term financial analysis presented to Strategy and Resources Committee in September 2023. This report and its recommendations, sets out the scale of the challenge ahead, the limited resources available and some of the difficult decisions that will need to be taken.


Alternatives Considered and Rejected


The Council is required to both set a balanced budget and to ensure that in-year income and expenditure are balanced. The options presented in this paper, if accepted, will negate the need to make any staff or resource cuts to the respective services and therefore, should allow the continuation of good quality customer services.


Report author: Lisa Firth

Publication date: 17/11/2023

Date of decision: 13/11/2023

Decided at meeting: 13/11/2023 - Communities, Parks and Leisure Policy Committee

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