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Sheffield City Goals

Decision status: Recommendations Approved



The Chief Executive and Angela Foulkes, Chief Executive and Principal at The Sheffield College and Chair of the City Goals Working Group, presented a report detailing the development of Sheffield City Goals, a joint project led between partners across the City of Sheffield. The report provides (i) an overview of the process behind developing the Goals, (ii) presents the finalised City Goals for endorsement and (iii) highlights ongoing work with partners to develop a delivery structure with new partnership arrangements which will assist organisations and people across the city to work together to achieve the Goals.




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That Strategy and Resources Policy Committee:-




(a) notes the process by which the City Goals have been developed, including extensive community engagement and involvement across two separate phases in 2023;


(b) endorses the finalised set of City Goals, subject to potential minor amendments based on discussions with Sheffield City Partnership Board taking place at their Board meeting on Friday 19th January;


(c) notes the strategic links between the City Goals and future Council strategies and plans, particularly the current draft Council Plan;


(d) notes the intention to continue ongoing work with partners to develop a delivery structure with new partnership arrangements which will enable people and organisations across the city to work together to achieve the City Goals; and


(e) notes that officers will provide an update to Strategy and Resources Policy Committee on progress and next steps for the City Goals in 6 month’s time.




Reasons for Decision




The City Goals are the strategic link between Sheffield City Council (SCC) activity (as outlined in the draft Council Plan) and the wider ambitions of the city. As Sheffield’s civic leader, SCC is one partner but has a significant role to play in the delivery of the City Goals, connecting our democratic and community leadership to the shared vision for the future. The recommendations for Strategy and Resources Policy Committee to endorse the City Goals are therefore a vital statement to citizens and partners of our commitment to supporting a new shared vision for the city




SCC’s support for and involvement in the City Goals work also ensures that we are delivering against the commitments made in the LGA Peer Challenge Action Plan.




The driving principle behind the City Goals, which has galvanised thousands of people to be involved in their development, is that as a city we are more than the sum of our parts. The aim of the Sheffield City Goals is to ensure that all organisations and groups can work towards the same vision for Sheffield. As well as aligning our efforts, the Goals provide a way to better coordinate the city’s time, energy and resources, and to collaborate effectively to create a city to be proud of.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




Now the City Goals are finalised, the alternative is for SCC not to endorse them - enabling partners to continue the work but without SCC support. This option was rejected as we are the civic leader of place, we are ambitious for our city and our determination to deliver a bright future for Sheffield can only be achieved with and alongside our communities and our partners.


Report author: James Henderson

Publication date: 01/02/2024

Date of decision: 24/01/2024

Decided at meeting: 24/01/2024 - Strategy and Resources Policy Committee

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