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Lease of Café at Firth Park, Sheffield

Decision Maker: Charity Trustee Sub-Committee

Decision status: Recommendations Approved



The committee considered a report of the Director of Parks, Leisure and Libraries seeking the approval of the Charity Trustee Sub Committee acting as Charity Trustee of Firth Park (Registered Charity Number 1104444) (“the Charity”) to the grant of a Tenancy at Will (TAW) in respect of the Property (as defined at paragraph 1.2 of the report and referred to in the plan attached hereto) to Hilary Dawtry on the terms set out in the Appendices to the report.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Charity Trustees Sub-Committee:-

·       confirm that, on consideration of this report and the commercial terms and advice set out in attached Appendices, it is satisfied that the proposed terms promote the objects of the Charity and the Tenancy at Will is in the best interest of the Charity.

·       approve the Tenancy at Will based on the terms set out in the report.




Reasons for Decision


The proposal to grant a Tenancy at Will of this café facility:

·       safeguards the café facility at Firth Park for the short term.

·       secures an increased income stream by way of rent and contribution to running costs of the Park.

·       enhances the attractiveness of the park as a valuable asset for use by the community

·       enables the demised property to be occupied for the purposes of the charitable objects of the Charity

·       complies with the statutory provisions contained within the Act and further with the requirements of the Charity Commission.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected


It was considered that there are no realistic alternative options here at this time.




Publication date: 31/01/2024

Date of decision: 22/01/2024

Decided at meeting: 22/01/2024 - Charity Trustee Sub-Committee

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