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A Framework for Growth: Principles and Themes

Decision status: Recommendations Approved



The Executive Director City Futures submitted a report Tsetting out the Council’s ambition to develop a Sheffield Growth Plan for 2024-2035 and the principles and themes for growth which we are calling the “Growth Framework”. The report seeks approval of these principles and themes, to enable Sheffield City Council officers to move onto Phase 2 of the work and develop a full Sheffield Growth Plan 2024-35 using them as its basis.


This report also seeks approval for the process of developing the Sheffield Growth Plan 2024-35, which will be developed for Strategy and Resources Policy Committee’s future consideration by late Summer 2024.




RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That Strategy and Resources Policy Committee:-




(a)  endorses the principles and themes for growth (‘the Growth Framework’) set out within this report so that Council officers can use them as the basis for the development of a draft Sheffield Growth Plan 2024- 2035 to be produced over Spring/Summer 2024;


(b) approves the process, set out within this report, for developing the Growth Plan which will build on the principles and themes of the Growth Framework; and


(c) agrees to receive and consider the draft Growth Plan in late Summer 2024.




Reasons for Decision




Sheffield has ambitious plans for the future of its economy across a range of different policy areas.  Bringing this together into a coherent narrative to communicate the city’s priorities benefits the city’s partners, investors and Sheffield citizens.  It helps to identify areas of joint working and investment opportunities and sets out the Council’s commitment to the city’s prosperity.




The Growth Framework, as the first vital step towards a Growth Plan, establishes the draft principles and themes for the plan, beginning a conversation with stakeholders about the kind of economy they want to see in the city.




The Growth Plan will build on this initial engagement, connecting the city’s economic and regeneration activity to the wider social and environmental objectives of the Council Plan and the City Goals.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




Do nothing. This was rejected due to the needs of the city, and the need identified in the LGA Peer Review, for a strong and visible statement of ambition that brings together the city’s regeneration plans for partners, investors, elected members and citizens. 




Continue with a suite of strategies and action plan with no narrative. This was rejected due to the opportunity to create a coherent narrative across various areas of economic and regeneration activity.  In doing so, the narrative can connect the city’s growth ambitions, partnerships, investment and community engagement to better support and improve the quality of life of the people of Sheffield.


Report author: Kate Martin

Publication date: 28/03/2024

Date of decision: 12/03/2024

Decided at meeting: 12/03/2024 - Strategy and Resources Policy Committee

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