Decision details

Operational Services - Contract Procurement - Plumbing and Heating Materials Supply

Decision Maker: Director of Operational Services

Decision status: Recommendations Approved


To detail the approach to the commissioning and procurement of a framework contract for the supply of plumbing and heating materials. The procurement in this report is for goods/services that are a commonly recurring requirement of the Council.


The report will specify the contract procurement with a description of the contract including the value, the proposed procurement strategy and the method of funding.


The purpose of the report is to provide sufficient information for the Director of Operational Services to provide authority for the procurement to be undertaken.


That the Director of Operational Services:


  • Approves the commissioning of the supply of heating and plumbing materials for a period of 4 years and an estimated value of £24m, as set out in this report.
  • Approves the procurement strategy and contract award for the supply of heating and plumbing materials, as set out in this report.

Reasons for the decision:

Preferred option – to procure a plumbing and heating supply framework as in the manner described in section 1 of this report. This will help enable the Council to continue to provide key services in maintaining the heating and plumbing infrastructure to its estate. The procurement of the supply framework will ensure the Council is operating in accordance with the Public Contract Regulations 2015 and achieving best value in its procurement of the services.

Alternative options considered:

Do nothing –   This option has been excluded as there is a requirement for the provision of heating and plumbing materials and we have a legal duty to procure a contract for its supply.


Self-Deliver - All materials for the supply of plumbing & heating materials are provided by third-party suppliers, bringing the services “in house” has been disregarded. The Council having no capacity to provide its own materials for plumbing and heating repairs and maintenance.


Further extend existing contract – this is not an option as all available contract extensions have been utilised. As ever, Council must adhere to the Public Contract Regulations (2015) thus further variations (value and duration) are not deemed easily reconcilable with the provisions set out within PCR.



Publication date: 14/05/2024

Date of decision: 09/01/2024