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Decision details

Sheffield Accountable Care Partnership

Decision Maker: Executive Member for Health and Social Care

Decision status: Item Called In


This report will provide to Cabinet an update on the development of the Sheffield Accountable Care Partnership, the scope of ambition and the role of SCC in its development.


That the Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care:-


(i) notes the establishment of the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Accountable Care System;


(ii) notes the development of the Sheffield Place Based Plan;


(iii) endorses the establishment of the shadow Sheffield Accountable Care Partnership Board subject to the following principles:

o   That the Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care should co-chair the board

o   That a formal relationship should be created between the Health and Wellbeing Board and the ACP Board to ensure appropriate oversight of its work

o   That the ACP Board is provided with appropriate officer support from across its membership to allow it to make rapid progress

o   That other health and social care transformation programmes should be absorbed into the work of the ACP to avoid the potential for duplication, overlap and wasted resource.

o   That the ACP Board should focus on the wider transformational change required within the health and social care system, in line with the Sheffield Place Based Plan, and should commission activity in line with this;


(iv) continues to progress the Accountable Care Partnership through arrangements and agreements consistent with the principles above; and


(v) notes that a further executive report will be presented to formally establish the Accountable Care Partnership Board following its ‘shadow’ period.


Reasons for the decision:

The recommendations contained in this report would, if implemented, provide a starting point for the development of a new approach to the planning and delivery of health and care services across Sheffield, with the potential to have a significant impact on health outcomes for people across the city.


Given Sheffield City Council’s social care and public health responsibilities, and the interdependencies that we have with services commissioned and provided by NHS organisations in the city, it is appropriate that the authority is heavily involved in the development of the ACP, as recommended by this report.


It is also important that sufficient safeguards are placed around the Council’s participation in the ACP, given the developing nature of the partnership, including the recommendation that a further executive report is presented before the formal establishment of the ACP board following the completion of its ‘shadow’ phase.




Alternative options considered:

The only other option open to the Council at this time would be not to participate in the shadow Accountable Care Partnership.  Were the Council to decide to pursue this option, it is likely that the ACP would be established in any event (although without SCC participation).  In this scenario, it is likely that the Council would still have to be responsive to the ACP, but with much reduced influence and control over the direction of travel.  It is also possible that funding opportunities (particularly for social care) might be lost either because of non-participation or because of a perceived weakening of partnership working in the city.  For these reasons, this option is not recommended.


Publication date: 13/11/2017

Date of decision: 10/11/2017

Issue status: The decision is currently being reconsidered

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