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Kelham Island Experimental COVID19 Highway Restrictions

Decision status: Recommendations Approved


Highway changes were made in July 2020 as part of the Council’s emergency response to COVID19. These changes were made using an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order process which expires in January 2022. As there were objections to these changes, an Executive Member decision is required to retain or remove them.


To report details of the consultation response to the Experimental TRO introduced in Kelham Island in July 2020 which closed two roads and made a street one way except for bicycles.



That the Executive Member for Climate Change, Environment and Transport approves that:


  1. The experimental TRO restricting motor vehicles on Ball Street bridge and Alma Street outside the Fat Cat PH is made permanent in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984;


  1. The experimental one way except cycles on Green Lane, between Cornish Street and Penistone Road service road, is made permanent, with the extent of the restriction shortened as detailed, in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984; 


  1. Objectors are informed accordingly; and


  1. Physical works to make this change permanent are done either as part of the Kelham Island and Neepsend Parking Scheme or Transforming Cities Fund scheme and that until then the temporary materials creating the closures/one way are retained.


Reasons for the decision:

Overall, the changes have reduced the amount of motor vehicle traffic travelling through Kelham Island and created an improved environment for socialising and active travel with associated health, road safety and climate crisis benefits.


There has been a slight disbenefit to some residents and businesses due to longer journeys to reach their destination. Mitigation to reduce the impact of some of these longer journeys is proposed in the Neepsend-Kelham-City Centre Transforming Cities Fund scheme.


The changes would help to facilitate the proposed Neepsend-Kelham-City Centre Transforming Cities Fund scheme which would provide an active travel choice for some journeys and bring further health and climate crisis benefits.


On balance the benefits created by the scheme outweigh these disbenefits. It is for the reasons outlined above that it is recommend that the road closures and one way are made permanent.


Alternative options considered:

A do nothing option was considered, that is letting the ETRO expire and remove all the temporary measures. This option was discounted as it would not deliver the benefits in terms of improved conditions for walking and cycling that the measures are designed to create.


Several options were considered as a way to prevent people in motor vehicles from avoiding congestion on the ring road by driving though Kelham Island. These options focused on different locations for road closures and the use of one ways.  These other options were discounted as they potentially moved traffic on to unsuitable streets, for example, through the Little Kelham development, still gave a viable route through Kelham Island for traffic diverting off the ring road, made large areas accessible from only one non signal controlled junction or created access problems for larger vehicle.


Publication date: 20/12/2021

Date of decision: 20/12/2021

Effective from: 25/12/2021

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