Agenda, decisions and minutes

North Local Area Committee - Thursday 23 February 2023 6.00 pm

Venue: High Green Development Trust, Pack Horse Lane, High Green, Sheffield, S35 3HY

Contact: Philippa Burdett, Democratic Services  Email:


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Apologies for Absence

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There were no apologies for absence.



Exclusions of Public and Press

To identify items where resolutions may be moved to exclude the press and public.

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No items were identified where resolutions may be moved to exclude the public and press.



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Members to declare any interests they have in the business to be considered at the meeting.

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There were no declarations of interest.



Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 128 KB

To approve the minutes of the Committee held on 18 January, 2023.

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The minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 18 January, 2023, were approved as a correct record.




Matters arising:




Item 5: Councillor Penny Baker noted that some residents were still experiencing problems with their gas appliances and/or bills. Aspect and Cadent were responding to these issues.




Item 6.1: Councillor Richard Williams advised that a meeting had been held between Stannington Pavilion Renewal Committee representatives and officers of Sheffield City Council. He noted that the meeting had been positive and that discussions would continue.





Public Questions and Petitions pdf icon PDF 114 KB

(a)  to receive any questions or petitions from members of the public; and


(b)  to note the attached document setting out the responses to questions raised at the last meeting, which were not provided at the meeting.

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The Committee received the following question from a member of the public who attended the meeting to raise it:-




(a)  Bridget Kelly




When is the deadline for applications to the Parish Council elections?




In response, the Chair noted that Sheffield City Council’s local elections would take place on 4 May, 2023, and that the timescales for the parish council elections would be the same. He advised that Andrew Towlerton, Clerk of Ecclesfield Parish Council, would be in contact with Ms Kelly directly to explain the process.




The Committee received the following questions from members of the public who were not in attendance at the meeting and had submitted questions prior to the meeting, which the Chair read out:




(b)  Megan Smith, Chairperson, Grenoside Conservation Society




We are very concerned about the traffic and roadside parking on Woodhead Road Grenoside near the car park for Wheata, Greno and Wharncliffe Woods. 


There are 2 serious issues with traffic and parking.


1.    This area has become very popular, especially with the mountain biking community.  This means that at weekends there are a lot of large vehicles using the area which park on the roadside when the car park and laybys are full.  This often means that it is very difficult to see to cross the road and is very dangerous for young families, dog walkers, horse riders and cyclists.  It also makes it difficult for other road users as cars, cyclists and pedestrians have to weave through the parked cars in single file.

2.    The other problem with the stretch of road that includes the car park is that it is very straight for about quarter of a mile and there is no speed restriction, so when there are no parked cars traffic can drive up to 60 mph which makes crossing the road or exiting the car park very dangerous.


We are aware that there have been discussions with the police already but this has not materialised in any obvious signs or improvements to the road.  We have also tried asking SCC directly but was told that it would not be a priority unless there was an incident to raise it up the list. 


This situation has been going on a long time now and we feel that the lack of action on this is unacceptable. We do not want to wait for a serious accident to happen before it is addressed.


We would very much like your help with this.




The Chair agreed to forward the details to Highways and the local policing team for a full response.




In response, Councillor Julie Grocutt advised that in Stocksbridge and Upper Don, funding was used to set up a speed survey to get accurate data, and suggested that Ward Councillors might want to try this option. Residents had complained about speeding, and the survey data has shown there was no speeding and that it was public perception. She noted that implementation of a 30mph speed limit would be costly and might not  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


North Local Area Committee Budget Report pdf icon PDF 169 KB

Report of David Luck, Local Area Committee Manager.

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Each Local Area Committee was allocated an initial budget of £100,000 under an executive decision by the Leader of the Council on 17th August 2021.  This money is to be spent in line with the Community Plan.  As the Community Plan was not finalised until late in the 2021/22 financial year very little of this budget has been spent across the Local Area Committees and it has been carried forward to the current financial year.




It was proposed to provide a grant of £20,000 to the Christian Centre, Stocksbridge, towards the development of a new community hub in Stocksbridge. This hub would involve re-modelling the Christian Centre, a Church of England/Methodist building to enable wider community use. The proposed funds would enable the first phase of the project to take place.




RESOLVED: That the North Local Area Committee:-


(i)    notes the expenditure against the £100,000 budget to address local priorities in the North LAC in 2022/3, as detailed in the report, be noted.


(ii)   approves the award of a grant of £20,000 to The Christian Centre, Stocksbridge towards the development of a new community hub in Stocksbridge with these funds enabling the development of a new kitchen space.




The North Local Area Committee was asked to note the use of funding as per the previous decision of 30 September, 2021, and agree further expenditure to address the identified local priorities.




None. This is in line with the previous decision of 30 September, 2021 regarding expenditure below £5000 and the North Community Plan agreed on 9 March, 2022.




David Luck, North Local Area Committee Manager, shared details on screen of voter ID requirements for the upcoming local elections. He noted that this was national legislation and that it did not apply to postal votes.




David Luck provided an update on the North Local Area Committee budget.





Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club

To receive an update from Leroy Wenham, Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club.

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Leroy Wenham provided an update on the Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club to the Committee. He explained that the club was established over 30 years ago, and was a thriving sports club with much success over the years. It was an inclusive centre that aimed to promote sports within the Caribbean culture whilst welcoming all members of the community. The club had been working with the English Cricket Board to recruit players. The club had outgrown its pavilion and planned to build a new one in the future, which would require much support. Although football and cricket were the main sports offered, the club had also produced a successful netball team. The club aimed to also provide basketball, hockey and other activities. Mr Wenham hoped that these activities would encourage the community to view the club as an asset and help to develop the club to better serve the area. Clive Lloyd, former professional cricketer, had been working with the club to gain recognition for their cricket coaching in schools.




Mr Wenham advised that the new pavilion plans were available for viewing at the close of the meeting.




Another representative from Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club added that the club aimed to promote wellbeing as well as sports, and was open to men and women of all ages.




Councillor Vic Bowden stated that she had visited the club for a tree planting ceremony, and believed the club to be a ‘hidden gem’ that had a welcoming atmosphere. She suggested new signage and publicity for the club to show their wide range of activities.




Councillor Richard Williams asked if the club had managed to get back to the same level of activity since the pandemic. Mr Wenham responded by explaining that activity was building up gradually and that attendance was regularly over 100. He noted that an extensive programme was being planned with schools, a ‘Windrush’ activity was planned in June, and a family event was due to take place in August. He noted the suggestion for more publicity and welcomed any available support for this.




Councillor Grocutt added that Sheffield Sharks basketball team did outreach work, and suggested that Mr Wenham connect with them. She also suggested contacting the ‘Look Local’ newspaper that had a ‘What’s on’ section and offered free publicising.




The Chair thanked Mr Wenham for attending the meeting.





Thorncliffe Leisure Centre

To receive an update from Ian Dickens, General Manager.

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David Luck presented for this item due to Ian Dickens (General Manager of Thorncliffe Leisure Centre) being unable to attend.




Mr Luck provided the following update for the Committee:


  • The venue continued to offer a warm space for members of the public to visit at any point in the week. Two sessions were now on offer that provided a free coffee and games (Wednesday 13.00-15.00  and Thursday 9.30 -11.30).


  • Places Leisure and Place for People Group had launched the Community Matters Strategy with a focus on developing further partnerships within the community. Any partners or organisations wishing to work with Thorncliffe Leisure Centre were encouraged to contact Ian Dickens by email at:


  • Food donations were welcomed at the site, and were being distributed through the food poverty network. Options were also being considered for working with other foodbanks in the local area.


  • Family fun pool sessions on Saturdays and Sundays were planned, commencing from the weekend of 27th March, adding a fun element to the pool programming. It was hoped to add more of these sessions during the Easter holidays.


  • A £60,000 refurbishment of the gym facilities had been completed, which had included the introduction of some new fitness equipment and improved lighting.




The Chair added that the Centre had been there for over seven years, and had excellent facilities that were well used. He noted the challenge of the recent energy crisis, but hoped that footfall would increase during the temporary closure of Hillsborough Leisure Centre swimming pool, whilst maintenance work was being carried out.





Ecclesfield Parish Council

To receive an update from Ecclesfield Parish Council.

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Tim Whitaker (Councillor, Ecclesfield Parish Council) provided an update for the Committee, and advised the following:


·       There had been no increase in the pre-set spending limit.

·       Community skip days had been held in Chapeltown and High Green and had been successful. This was also planned for Grenoside and Burncross over the summer.

·       The Parish Community Hall had been refurbished to a high standard and reopened, and had received a steady stream of bookings.

·       £20,000 had been redistributed to groups and local organisations in support of their activities.

·       A range of activities were planned for the King’s Jubilee.

·       Walkabouts in High Green and Chapeltown had taken place with South Yorkshire Police and Sustainable Community Officers.

·       The Parish Council had jointly signed the Community Safety Charter, developed by Neighbourhood Watch to help provide an environment that is safe for everybody.

·       The Parish Council received a bronze award by the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme in recognition of their support to those who have served in the armed services and their families.

·       A visit had been organised for Ukrainian refugees to attend the Lord Mayor’s Parlour in the Town Hall.





Update on referrals to Policy Committees

To receive an update on any referrals to Policy Committees.

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The Chair provided an update on two issues raised at the North Local Area Committee meeting on 18 January, 2023, that had been referred to the Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee.




Stannington Councillors had been contacted requesting a reduction of the speed limit on Rails Road. They believed it raised wider questions about approaches to speed on rural roads. The Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee requested that the issue be referred to Kate Martin as Executive Director for City Futures.




East Ecclesfield Councillors had been contacted by residents of Smith Street, Chapeltown requesting a residents parking scheme. A survey had shown a very high level of support however Members had been told no residents schemes were possible outside of the city centre. The Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee requested that the issue be referred to Kate Martin as Executive Director for City Futures.




The Chair thanked those present for attending the meeting. He advised that the next meeting of the North Local Area Committee would take place in Stocksbridge.