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North East Local Area Committee

This page lists the meetings for North East Local Area Committee.


Information about North East Local Area Committee

The North East Local Area Committee consists of all the Members of the Burngreave, Firth Park, Shiregreen & Brightside and Southey Wards.  Local Area Committees engage, enable, and empower communities across the city with increasing control over decision making, marking a major shift in power to communities.  Click here to find out more about the North East Local Area Committee. The Committees:


• provide a geographical framework that, over time, will be used to prioritise and direct the local delivery of an increasing number of Council services;


• oversee the production of a co-produced annual Area Committee Plan, with strong commitment to delivery from Council services and partner organisations, the Community Plans will reflect resident priorities;


• ensure that plans have ambitious but achievable improvement targets that have been agreed with the community, feeding into, and influencing the strategic plans of the Council;


• work with local partners and stakeholders to ensure services are joined up and operating effectively in line with the needs of local communities;


• work with local Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector organisations to ensure greater efficiency of resources, improved services, and a stronger local voice;


• monitor and hold to account those who are responsible for delivering on the Area Committee Plans actions and performance; and


• are empowered to set priorities and direct resources.


Attending Meetings


Meetings of the Local Area Committee are open to the public.


**Following the lifting of restrictions on 19th July 2021, the Council is still operating under some social distancing rules.  You will be recommended to wear a face covering (unless you have an exemption) at all times within the venue. It is also recommended that you undertake a Covid-19 Rapid Lateral Flow Test within two days of the meeting.  Due to the health and safety restrictions in place to ensure social distancing in our meeting rooms, we would encourage all attendees to notify us of your attendance in advance by registering here or emailing This will facilitate the management of attendance at the meeting and help us maintain social distancing.


There is an opportunity for members of the public to ask the Local Area Committee Members questions and to submit petitions under the agenda item ‘Public Questions and Petitions’.


The arrangements for dealing with questions and petitions at meetings of the Area Committee are as follows:-


If you wish to ask a question or present a petition at the meeting, you may either attend the meeting and ask the question/present the petition on the day or you may submit the question/petition in writing in advance of the date of the meeting, by email to the following address:  The submission of a written question will enable a more detailed response to given at the meeting. (Details of how we will use and keep your information can be found here).


The Chair of the meeting has discretion as to how questions and petitions are presented at the meeting and as to whether you are invited to ask your question or present a petition at the meeting or they are read out at the meeting. A response to the question or petition will be given by the appropriate Member or Council officer.  If you are not able to attend the meeting, your question/petition may be referred to the appropriate Member, and an answer/response will be provided to you.


Where a submitted question or petition cannot be answered because time does not allow, or where a Member undertakes to provide a written answer/response, the written answer/response will be provided to you and will be published on the Council website.


Please note that the Chair of the meeting may not accept petitions or questions which relate to:-


(i) matters not being within the responsibility of the Local Authority or which affects the City or its inhabitants;

(ii) judicial or quasi-judicial matters;

(iii) individual planning/licence/grant applications or appeals;

(iv) named officers or Members of the Council;

(v) confidential matters of the type referred to in Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act, 1972; or

(vi) matters of an irrelevant, repetitious, defamatory, frivolous or offensive nature or a general misuse of the opportunity.


Recording is allowed at Local Area Committee meetings under the direction of the Chair of the meeting. The protocol on audio/visual recording and photography provides further information.