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Charity Trustee Sub-Committee

This page lists the meetings for Charity Trustee Sub-Committee.


Information about Charity Trustee Sub-Committee

The Charity Trustee Sub-Committee is a standing sub-committee of the Strategy and Resources Policy Committee.  It is established to take all decisions of the Council as charitable trustee, including but not limited to


·       Disposals of and other dealings with charitable land

·       Matters about which the Charity Commission must be contacted

·       Matters of which charitable trustees should be aware in accordance with Charity Commission Guidance

·       Use of charitable assets by the Council for purposes that do not directly meet the charitable aims

·       Any other matter that has a significant impact on the use of a charitable asset for the charitable purposes for reasons of duration, area of the asset impacted, or other restriction, including that permission may be granted or withdrawn for the regular or exclusive use of an area of charitable land for recreational, business or other purposes by a single person or organisation

·       Matters relating to land that is not itself charitable and other incidental matters which depend on or are directly related to a decision that must be made by the Charity Trustee Sub-Committee



Attending Meetings


Meetings of Sub-Committee have to be held as physical meetings and are open to the public. Meetings are normally held at Sheffield Town Hall.


If you would like to attend the meeting, please report to an Attendant in the Foyer at the Town Hall where you will be directed to the meeting room.  However, it would be appreciated if you could register to attend, in advance of the meeting, by emailing, as this will assist with the management of attendance at the meeting.


PLEASE NOTE: The meeting rooms in the Town Hall have a limited capacity. We are unable to guarantee entrance to the meeting room for observers, as priority will be given to registered speakers and those that have registered to attend.


Alternatively, you can observe the meeting remotely by clicking on the ‘view the webcast’ link provided on the meeting page of the website.


Public Questions and Petitions


The arrangements for dealing with questions and petitions at Sub-Committee meetings are as follows:-


If you wish to attend a meeting and ask a question or present a petition, you must submit the question/petition in writing by 9.00 a.m. at least 2 clear working days in advance of the date of the meeting, by email to the following address:  E.g. For meetings held on a Wednesday, questions/petitions will need to be received by 9.00 a.m. on the Monday of that week. Questions/petitions submitted after the deadline will be asked at the meeting subject to the discretion of the Chair. You will also be asked to provide a contact email and/or telephone number. (Details of how we will use and keep your information can be found here).


The Chair of the meeting has discretion as to how questions and petitions are presented at the meeting and as to whether you are invited to ask your question or present a petition at the meeting or they are read out at the meeting. A response to the question or petition will be given by the Chair or Council officer.  If you are not able to attend the meeting, your question/petition may be referred to the Chair, and a written answer/response will be provided to you.


Where a submitted question or petition cannot be answered because time does not allow, or where a Member undertakes to provide a written answer/response, the written answer/response will be provided to you within ten working days of the meeting and will be published on the Council website.


Please note that the Chair of the meeting may not accept petitions or questions which relate to:-

·       matters not being within the responsibility of the Local Authority or which affects the City or its inhabitants;

·       judicial or quasi-judicial matters;

·       individual planning/licence/grant applications or appeals;

·       named officers or Members of the Council;

·       confidential matters of the type referred to in Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act, 1972; or

·       matters of an irrelevant, repetitious, defamatory, frivolous or offensive nature or a general misuse of the opportunity.


Recording of Meetings

Recording is allowed at Policy Committee meetings under the direction of the Chair of the meeting. The protocol on audio/visual recording and photography provides further information.


Please note that meetings will be filmed for live or subsequent broadcast via the Council’s website. See the Council’s Webcasting Notice for more details.