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Agenda item

Enforcement of Planning Control: 215 to 219 Fulwood Road

Report of Director of Regeneration & Development Services



The Director of Regeneration and Development Services submitted a report on his investigation into a complaint received concerning a breach of planning control relating to the unauthorised roller shutter in front of the main recessed door at 215 to 219 Fulwood Road.  The report stated that the property was located in a row of shops within the Broomhill Conservation area and that the owner of the property had been informed that, whilst the shutter fitted was considered detrimental to the amenities of the streetscene, planning permission was required to install such a shutter.  It was explained that, whilst the owner had indicated that planning permission would be sought for an alternative and more acceptable method of securing the entrance to the property, a planning application had not been submitted and a response had not been received to a Section 330 Notice that had been served.




An assessment of the breach of control indicated that the shutter did not respect the character of the building or that of properties in the immediate vicinity, with regard to the negative impact it had on the street scene and as such was considered contrary to Policy BE5 and S10 of the Unitary Development Plan.




RESOLVED: That (a) the Director of Regeneration & Development Services and Head of Planning be authorised to take any appropriate action including, if necessary, enforcement action and the institution of legal proceedings to secure the removal of the unauthorised roller shutter and housing at 215 to 219 Fulwood Road; and




(b) the Head of Planning, in liaison with the Chair of this Committee, be authorised to vary the action to achieve the objectives hereby confirmed, including taking action to resolve any associated breaches of planning control.


Supporting documents: