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Agenda item

Review of Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Limitation Policy - Intention to Undertake an Unmet Demand Survey

Report of the Chief Licensing Officer



Further to the decision of the Committee, at its meeting held on 18th February 2016, the Chief Licensing Officer submitted a report containing details of the proposed review of the Council’s Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Limitation Policy and attaching, as appendices, the previous specification details relating to a similar survey undertaken in 2010 and the tender documentation sent out to prospective tenderers in 2010. 




In response to questions from Members of the Committee, Clive Stephenson (Licensing Strategy and Policy Officer) stated that the costs of the survey would be shared equally between all Hackney Carriage proprietors.  The Licensing Service already had details of results of air quality tests undertaken, which could be used as part of the survey.  The specification could include a request to seek comments from people who don’t travel by taxi, with the aim of getting a more balanced view, and the Service would have this information following the last survey undertaken. 




Members commented on the specification details relating to the survey undertaken in 2010, as set out in the report, relating to both quantitative and qualitative issues.




RESOLVED: That the Committee:-




(a)       notes the contents of the report now submitted together with the comments now made; and




(b)       requests the Chief Licensing Officer to draw up a draft specification for the unmet demand survey, which would run from August to December 2016, based on the comments raised at the meeting.


Supporting documents: