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Agenda item

Establishment Of Council Committees In 2016/17 And Appointment Of Members To Serve On Those Committees

Report of the Chief Executive.



RESOLVED: On the motion of Councillor Peter Rippon, seconded by Councillor David Baker, that the City Council:-




(a)      notes the political proportionality framework and the illustrative example of how this may be applied in 2016/17, as set out in the report circulated with the agenda for this meeting;


(b)      agrees that the terms of reference of Council Committees in 2016/17 be as currently set out in the Constitution;


(c)      (i) approves the sizes of individual committees to be subject to proportional balance in 2016/17 and the initial allocation of seats to political groups on individual committees before final adjustment, as set out in the report; (ii) agrees that, in order to ensure that each political group has the required number of seats overall in comparison to the total number of seats available on all Committees to reflect their composition on the Council as a whole, (A) the Green Group’s adjustment of two seats be from the Planning and Highways Committee and the Licensing Committee, with those two seats being allocated to the Liberal Democrat Group and (B) the UKIP Group’s adjustment of two seats be from the Economic and Environmental Wellbeing Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee and the Senior Officer Employment Committee, with those two seats being allocated to the Labour Group;


(d)      agrees to disapply proportionality to the Senior Officer Employment Sub-Committees and the Appeals and Collective Disputes Sub-Committees for the reasons set out in paragraph 3.2.3 of the report, and to the Standards Committee for the reasons set out in paragraph 3.3.2 of the report;


(e)      notes that the effect upon the Special Responsibility Allowance element of the budget for Members’ Allowances of the establishment of Council Committees for 2016/17 and the appointments proposed to be made later this day to the positions of Chairs of those Committees, is cost neutral; and


(f)       determines that in the event of any changes to the political composition of the Council occurring during the course of the Municipal Year, political proportionality be reviewed by the Council as soon as practicable thereafter.










Liberal Democrat






Scrutiny and Policy Development Committees:-





(1) Overview & Scrutiny Management Committee

(Chair = Lead Member for Scrutiny; membership includes the Chairs of the 4 Scrutiny and Policy Development Committees)

Cllrs Tony Damms, George Lindars-Hammond, Pat Midgley, Helen Mirfin-Boukouris, Josie Paszek, Ian Saunders and Steve Wilson

Cllrs Ian Auckland and Steve Ayris

Cllr Douglas Johnson;

Cllr John Booker





(2) Children, Young People and Family Support

Cllrs Andy Bainbridge, Olivia Blake, Terry Fox, Craig Gamble Pugh, Kieran Harpham, Karen McGowan, Mohammad Maroof, Abtisam Mohamed, Josie Paszek and Ian Saunders

Cllrs Steve Ayris, Colin Ross and Cliff Woodcraft

Cllr Alison Teal;

Cllr John Booker;

Jules Jones (Parent Governor Representative - to 31/7/16);
Gillian Foster,
(Diocese Rep); (1 Diocese Rep Vacancy); Alison Warner (School Governor Representative); Alice Riddell (Healthwatch – Observer)





(3) Economic and Environmental Wellbeing

Cllrs Lisa Banes, Neale Gibson, Diane Hurst, Talib Hussain, Abdul Khayum, Helen Mirfin-Boukouris, Ben Miskell, Chris Peace, Steve Wilson and Paul Wood (1 vacancy)

Cllrs Ian Auckland, Andy Nash and Martin Smith

Cllr Robert Murphy





(4) Healthier Communities & Adult Social Care

Cllrs David Barker, Mike Drabble, Adam Hurst, George Lindars-Hammond, Pat Midgley, Anne Murphy, Zahira Naz, Moya O’Rourke, Jackie Satur and Garry Weatherall

Cllrs Sue Alston, Shaffaq Mohammed and Bob Pullin

Cllr Douglas Johnson;

Cllr Pauline Andrews;

Alice Riddell and Helen Rowe (HealthWatch Representatives - Observers)





(5) Safer and Stronger Communities

Cllrs Nasima Akther, Michelle Cook, Richard Crowther, Lewis Dagnall, Dawn Dale, Tony Damms, Tony Downing, Mark Jones, Peter Rippon and Zoe Sykes

Cllrs Sue Auckland, Adam Hanrahan and Richard Shaw

Cllr Magid Mah;

Cllr Keith Davis





Scrutiny Committee Substitute Members:-

Cllrs Karen McGowan, Anne Murphy and Peter Rippon (2 vacancies)

(5 vacancies)

Cllrs Douglas Johnson, Mah Magid, Rob Murphy and Alison Teal;

Cllrs Pauline Andrews, John Booker, Jack Clarkson and Keith Davis





Statutory/Regulatory Committees:-





Planning and Highways Committee:-

Cllrs Dawn Dale, Tony Damms, Adam Hurst, Diane Hurst, Alan Law, Zahira Naz, Peter Price, Peter Rippon, Chris Rosling-Josephs and Zoe Sykes

Cllrs Ian Auckland, David Baker, Roger Davison and Joe Otten

Cllr Jack Clarkson





Planning and Highways Committee Substitute Members:-

Cllrs Mike Drabble, Robert Johnson, Abtisam Mohamed and Garry Weatherall (1 vacancy)

(5 vacancies)

Cllr John Booker





Licensing Committee

Cllrs David Barker, Michelle Cook, Neale Gibson, Kieran Harpham, Alan Law, George Lindars-Hammond, Abtisam Mohamed, Anne Murphy, Moya O’Rourke and Josie Paszek

Cllrs Bob Pullin, Andy Nash, Vickie Priestley and Cliff Woodcraft

Cllr Jack Clarkson





Audit Committee

Cllrs Isobel Bowler, Diane Hurst, Robert Johnson and Josie Paszek

Cllrs Penny Baker and Paul Scriven

Independent Co-optees - Elizabeth Stanley (to 17th May 2017) (1 vacancy)





Admissions Committee


(Substitute Members to be appointed by the Chief Executive in consultation with the relevant Cabinet Portfolio Member or Opposition Spokesperson, as appropriate)

Cllrs Nasima Akther, Craig Gamble Pugh, Talib Hussain, Chris Peace and Chris Rosling-Josephs


Cllr Andrew Sangar and Joe Otten






Senior Officer Employment Committee

Cllrs Leigh Bramall, Ben Curran, Julie Dore, Jackie Drayton, Jayne Dunn, Mazher Iqbal, Mary Lea, Bryan Lodge, Cate McDonald and Jack Scott (1 vacancy)

Cllrs David Baker, Penny Baker and Shaffaq Mohammed


Cllr Magid Mah;





Appeals and Collective Disputes Committee

Cllrs Tony Damms, Tony Downing, Neale Gibson, Talib Hussain, Pat Midgley, Peter Price, Peter Rippon and Jackie Satur (2 vacancies)

Cllrs David Baker,

Penny Baker and

Vickie Priestley

Cllr Alison Teal;

Cllr Pauline Andrews





Standards Committee

Cllrs Ben Curran, Alan Law, Mary Lea, Bryan Lodge and Pat Midgley

Cllrs David Baker, Penny Baker and Shaffaq Mohammed


John Atkinson, Alan Casbolt and Edward Fleming (Independent co-optees) and 1 Parish/Town Council co-optee (to be selected from a pool of 3 representatives – Councillors Michael Appleby, Karen Southwood and Nigel Owen)





Standards Committee Substitute Members:-

Cllrs Olivia Blake and Peter Price

(2 vacancies)






Standards Committee Consideration Sub-Committee

3 Members of the Standards Committee and 1 Non-voting Co-Opted Member (Where a Parish or Town Council matter is being considered, a representative of the Parish or Town Councils should also be present)

Standards Committee Hearing Sub-Committee

3 Members of the Standards Committee and 1 Non-voting Co-Opted Member (Where a Parish or Town Council matter is being considered, a representative of the Parish or Town Councils should also be present)


Health and Wellbeing Board

Cllrs Julie Dore, Jackie Drayton, Jayne Dunn and Cate McDonald








Independent Remuneration Panel



David Baldwin (to 6/2/19) and Mark Power (to 6/2/17) (2 vacancies)






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