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Agenda item

Allocation of Seats on Council Committees in 2016-17 - Update

Report of the Acting Executive Director, Resources.



RESOLVED: On the motion of Councillor Peter Rippon, seconded by Councillor David Baker, that this Council:-




(a)       notes the impact on the allocation of seats on Council Committees of the new political composition of the Council, following the result of the Mosborough Ward By-election held on 8th September 2016, as set out in the report of the Acting Executive Director, Resources circulated with the agenda for this meeting; and


(b)       agrees that, in order to ensure that each political group has the required number of seats overall in comparison to the total number of seats available on all Committees to reflect their composition on the Council as a whole, the final adjustment of one seat, where the Labour Group is required to give up one seat to be allocated to the Liberal Democrat Group, be from the Appeals and Collective Disputes Committee, and accordingly, appoints Councillor Andy Nash to serve on that Committee, filling a vacancy.





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