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Agenda item

Presentation Topics for the January 2017 Council Meeting

To select one or two topics to be the subject of presentations at the meeting of the Council to be held on 4th January, 2017



The Chair reported on the procedure for selecting topics to be the subject of presentations at future Scrutiny Council meetings.  He stated that it had been suggested that this Committee would be the most suitable body to select such topics, and that Members were being asked to select a topic, or topics, for the next Scrutiny Council meeting to be held on 4th January, 2017.




RESOLVED: That approval be given for the general theme for the topic to be on policing, and to be in three parts, as follows:-




(a)       the new Chief Constable of South Yorkshire be invited to outline his plans and approach for policing in South Yorkshire;




(b)       the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire (Alan Billings) to report on policing in South Yorkshire, from his perspective; and




(c)        Maxine Stavrianakos (Head of Neighbourhood Intervention and Tenant Support) and Inspector Ian Proffitt (South Yorkshire Police) to talk about hate crime.