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Public Question in relation to Traffic Calming Measures on Tofts Lane, Stannington




Sue Winger and her partner Paul attended the Session to request that traffic calming measures be introduced on Tofts Lane, Stannington. Ms. Winger commented that she had lived on the lane for over 20 years and the volume of traffic and speed which vehicles travelled on Tofts Lane were too much for a Lane of its size.




Ms. Winger was surprised that there had not yet been an accident on the Lane. There were no pavements for pedestrians and it was frequently used by large vehicles despite a sign showing that this was not allowed. Ms. Winger believed that Tofts Lane should be made access only and, if this was not possible, safety measures should be introduced as a matter of urgency. In Ms. Winger’s view the Roscoe Bank end nearby was even worse and was often used as a rat run by vehicles.




In response Simon Botterill, Team Manager, Traffic Management, commented that, unfortunately, Tofts Lane could not be included in the 20mph scheme in Stannington, on the agenda for the Session today, as it was not classed as a residential road and the Council policy was to only introduce 20mph limits on residential roads. He acknowledged the issues raised by Ms. Winger but did not believe a 20mph limit was the solution. He would take away the issues raised and see what measures were possible and what funding was available.




In response to a question from the Cabinet Member, Councillor Mazher Iqbal, Simon Botterill stated that, if consideration was given to extending the 20mph limit in the Stannington area, it was likely that objections would be received from the Police as they had commented many times that they did not have the capacity to enforce 20mph limits and were against the creation of unrealistic speed limits.




In response to the comments from Ms. Winger, Councillor Iqbal requested that Mr Botterill take the comments away in relation to issues on Tofts Lane and see if anything could be done with the funding available and a response be provided to Ms. Winger.