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Agenda item

Performance Review - Quarter 2 2016/17

Report of the Director of Policy, Performance and Communications



The Committee received a presentation from James Henderson, Director of Policy, Performance and Communications, on the Council’s performance in respect of Quarter 2 2016/17.




Mr Henderson referred to the RAG (Red, Amber, Green) ratings on the Council’s 144 performance measures, highlighting the ratings and referring to key performance questions in respect of each one of the five Council Priorities – In-touch Organisation, Strong Economy, Thriving Neighbourhoods and Communities, Better Health and Wellbeing, and Tackling Inequalities.




Members of the Committee raised questions and the following responses were provided:-




·                The Council always took a robust risk management approach, which helped to mitigate against any major adverse effects following the introduction of new Government policy, or other changes.




·                Officers would be happy to discuss the issue of including more detail, in future performance reports, regarding specific areas of concern raised by Members.




·                It was appreciated that it would be helpful to highlight those areas, particularly those showing an all red rating, where the performance measure was one that was clearly outside the Council’s control.  It was also accepted that, in certain cases, there may be a need for an explanation in terms of those ratings which had reduced.




RESOLVED: That the Committee:-




(a)       notes the information reported as part of the presentation, together with the responses to the questions raised;




(b)       requests that its comments now made, in terms of the contents of future performance reports, be noted; and




(c)        thanks James Henderson and Ben Arnold for attending the meeting and responding to the questions raised.


Supporting documents: