Agenda item

Issues to Raise from Other Scrutiny Committees

Scrutiny Committee Chairs to raise any issues relating to their respective Committees



The Scrutiny Chairs provided an update in terms of the items discussed/issues raised at meetings of their respective Scrutiny Committees, as follows:-




(a)       Children, Young People and Family Support (Councillor Ian Saunders)




·           Attainment 2016 Provisional Results and Support and Services for Young Carers discussed at its last meeting on 21st November 2016.




·           The Committee agreed that the Chair would write to Councillor Jackie Drayton (Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families) and the Executive Director, Children, Young People and Families, to support the identification of Young Carer Leads in schools.




(b)       Economic and Environmental Wellbeing (Councillor Steve Wilson)




·           Very positive meeting held on 30th November 2016, focusing on the Flood Risk Programme, following which a number of recommendations were agreed.




·           Proposed establishment of an Economic Landscape Task Group in the new year.




(c)        Healthier Communities and Adult Social Care (Councillor Pat Midgley)




·           Commissioners Working Together Joint Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee meeting held on 19th November 2016.




·           South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Sustainable Transformation Plan was a key topic.




·           The draft Sheffield Plan (Shaping Sheffield) was considered at the last meeting, at which some concerns were raised regarding the late circulation of this document.




(d)       Safer and Stronger Communities (Councillor Tony Damms)




·           Hate Crime Task and Finish Group to present its recommendations to the Committee’s meeting in February 2017.




·           Further to the Government scrapping the ‘Pay to Stay’ policy, the Director of Housing and Neighbourhoods Service has been asked to provide an update for Committee Members in terms of the current position with regard to the Housing and Planning Act 2016. This will also be circulated to members of this Committee.




The Committee noted the information now reported.