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Hackney Carriage Provision Survey (Unmet Demand)

Report of the Chief Licensing Officer



The Chief Licensing Officer submitted a report which contained the results of a survey that had been carried out by CTS Traffic Limited into unmet demand on the taxi services in Sheffield.




Ian Millership, CTS Traffic Limited, by way of a presentation, outlined an executive summary of the survey, from its inception in August, 2016 until January, 2017.  The survey looked at rank activity, outlined the busiest days of the week, the waiting times customers could expect to wait and the increase in taxi use since the last survey which had been carried out in 2010.  There was also an increase in the number of taxis being “hailed”.  The summary also showed the outcome of consultation with the trade and the public, any disability issues that had arisen and outlined the initial conclusions.




The Chair (Councillor David Barker) supported by Councillor Alan Law, asked that the final two bullet points in paragraph 7.2 of the Chief Licensing Officer’s report, regarding zero (delivery) mileage and zero emission vehicles and the allowance for a seven year old vehicle to replace a vehicle that is Euro 3 or less (emissions), be not considered at this meeting.




Ibrar Hussain, GMB, queried whether there were sufficient taxi ranks in the city and had changes to the demographics of the city since 2010 been taken into account.  He went on to say that, as far as he was aware, consultation on the survey had been carried out with trade members online and he felt that, to achieve a wider response from members, it should have been carried out at the ranks. 




HafeasRehman, Sheffield Taxi Trade Association (STTA), commented on the report, indicating that there was a need to maintain the current limit, as problems had been caused when the limit was lifted.  He also felt there was a need to look at different types of vehicles which could be used to carry disabled passengers.




In response to questions from Members of the Committee, and members of the Taxi Trade Associations, Ian Millership stated that, compared to surveys carried out in other areas around the country, the service in Sheffield was very good.  No problems were encountered when the rank moved from Castle Street to the Moor Market area, although there did seem to be increased demand and more spaces were needed.  He added that there was good, active trade in the City, that the industry does tend to move with the times, but generally no major changes were needed.  He stated that the full report would contain graphs showing more detail of any areas of the City where there might be unmet demand.




Clive Stephenson stated that he felt that sufficient information had been provided to Members in the executive summary, that the full report on the survey would be published at the end of February and that any recommendations made would be included and form part of the hackney carriage vehicle review due to take place later this year.




RESOLVED: That the Committee:-




(a)       notes the contents of the report now submitted together with the comments now made; and




(b)       agrees to keep the hackney carriage vehicle licence limitation as currently set in the policy, at 857.


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