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Green City Strategy

Report of the Executive Director, Place



The Executive Director, Place submitted a report describing the development of a Green City Strategy for Sheffield.  This strategy takes forward the five Objectives approved at Cabinet last March, in the document “Growing Sustainably: a bold plan for a sustainable Sheffield”.  The Green City Strategy will enable the Council and its partners to adopt approaches which promote and support a lower carbon economy, greater resilience to climate change and cleaner growth.




RESOLVED: That Cabinet:-





approves the Green City Strategy attached to the report as a statement of the Council’s strategic approach to achieving the themes identified in “Growing Sustainably: a bold plan for a sustainable Sheffield” approved by Cabinet in March 2017; and






notes that the objectives relating to Air Quality and Transport and Mobility are the subject of separate Cabinet reports, approved at Cabinet in December 2017 and that the sections in the Green City Strategy which relate to these two objectives reflect the approved reports.





Reasons for Decision




It is widely accepted that climate change is already occurring, driven by the continued accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  Fortunately it is also widely recognised that if we take action now we can avoid the worse impacts of a changing climate.




Sheffield City Council has a pivotal role in providing civic leadership; supporting, inspiring and facilitating change across all sectors and parts of our city to help to create a low carbon future.  This is a major opportunity to help our communities and businesses become more resilient to the effects of climate change; be part of a growing economy that can fully exploit its innovative capacity to help us transition towards the goal of becoming a zero carbon city by 2050, and be a city where our decisions and behaviour, collectively and as individuals, are more sustainable.




The Green City Strategy will provide the City with the opportunity to direct, co-ordinate and focus all our efforts.




City sustainability and the transition to a low-carbon economy is not something which one organisation can achieve in isolation, and will require the support and contribution of all organisations, businesses and residents across the city.  Creating a clear vision and strategy will help to crystallise and re-affirm our ambitions and enable other partners to also contribute.




We understand that we have a unique role in facilitating and enabling, working alongside business and our communities to create collective approaches to the opportunities and challenges we face as a city.




The Green City Strategy enables us to be clear to Government and our other partners in the Sheffield City Region of our intentions and strategy, which will support any request for investment or funding.




Alternatives Considered and Rejected




The ‘As-is’ option:  no new Green City Strategy

Much of the valuable work which already takes place in the city supporting sustainability outcomes would continue.  However, the new opportunities for co-ordinated approach, working together to deliver greater benefits, would be lost, as would the potential to embed low carbon approaches, greater environmental responsibility and climate resilience more strongly within our city and our activities.






Supporting documents: